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dun dun dun!

I’m so excited to be able to get the secret out…I’m speaking in STOCKHOLM in February at Way Up North. You may or may not remember, that a few years ago, I spoke at their first installation of WUN and since then, they’ve been killing it in bringing photographers from all around the world to speak and challenge and change up the industry. I cant speak high enough of these two fellas and what they’ve created with Way Up North and I’m so honored to be asked back to speak.

Things are a little different this time around #1 – ITS AN ALL FEMALE LINEUP! what the what?! I’m so so excited to see who else they are bringing on and #2 – instead of speaking in front of 500…this time, its going to be in front of a 50 person live in-studio group and then STREAMED WORLD WIDE – so you can be a part of this from literally anywhere in the world and you can stream in from your couch…no ticket to sweden necessary.

I already started writing notes on what I’ll be speaking on and its literally flowwwing out of me, seeping from the seams. this topic, something I really believe in and cant wait to bring it to ya hot. here’s a little bit of what I’ll be speaking on.

“Sure, an amazing photo on the wall is great but what about the feeling, the experience, what went on IN that photo? Sure, having a packed schedule is great but how do those clients feel taken care of? Are they educated, informed and know what to expect?
There’s so much more in being an incredible photographer than the final image. We need to bring an experience, a process, a confidence from start to finish, we need to give more focus and effort to the things unseen when what we’re generally held to is only what is seen on a screen. experience, do you have one?”



  • IN STUDIO LIVE PRESENTATION // Currently 145 EU and increase to 195 EU on November 1st. TICKETS HERE

and if you’ve got the craving to listen to my previous podcast when i spoke in 2015 WUN, you can listen to that HERE.

I had such an incredible time last time at WUN and I’m so excited to get my buns back to Stockholm – annnnd it will be Portlands International debut….so excited to finally introduce CJ to one of my favorite cities.

My Podcast for Way Up North!

// Workshop

“I mean if guys were there…i mean i couldn’t walk around in a shirt with no bra…”

“It’s like discovering a third hand! you’re like…where the hell did this come from! this is awesome….i can do so much!”


what the what!  wanna hear shit like that?…..come on over to my podcast. 

oh hey there! you know what, i’m speaking in one of my favorite cities in the world…stockholm at this badass mamma jamma Photography Summit called Way Up North. we dont need to get into all of that. its sold out. im so effing excited. and i literally just wrote notes in my phone as i was laying in bed last night. oh shiiiit, i cant wait.

so as a part of Way Up North…I got interviewed for a podcast telling a bit of my story.

you wanna hear my whiny voice for an hour? cool. you totally can.


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I want to know who is coming to Way Up North….are you? who am I gonna meet? Introduce yourself…..!

Im speaking at Way Up North // Stockholm, Sweden

// Workshop


how ideal that I’m heading back to where photography all started for me. to speak about photography. 

we’ve come full circle i guess. 

i am beyond excited, honored to be speaking at Way Up North in Stockholm in October this year. next to photographers, that when i started…i used to follow and just adore their work. i mean, i still love their work, but now im speaking next to them, so that is surreal in a crazy way. i’m so excited you freaks, so excited! you can read about the summit HERE.

i wanted to:

1) share that i’ll be heading over there for this! cant wait to meet you all, speak and hang out. omg and see stockholm again.

2) let you know that tickets recently went on sale and there is like 6 left. so if you feel like getting on the decision train, you better hop on fast and buy! (i hear they may be able to open more spots…maybe, depending on venue capacity.)

3) i’m also going to be booking some extra time there. for boudoir, for lifestyle, couples. whatever. if you want to get on my list to email once i have my dates (around 2nd week of october) just shoot me an email, shootme@andrialindquist.com and i can send you more info once i have dates set there!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 4.20.16 PM cover

there is soooo much Mega talent going to be there, I’m so excited to meet so many shooters I only have seen via the internet!


John and Magnus over at Album Parrot (a WUN sponsor) are giving away TWO tickets! Here’s what you need to do. 

  1. Do something good for someone else. I.e buy food to a homeless, give away a free head shot for an artist, donate clothes to an organization, donate some blood. An action that does not result in you earning money but something much bigger – getting good karma!
  2. #SpreadingKarma. Encourage other photographers to participate and get a better karma! We know it means more competition for the tickets but also means “good” will be done. Price worth paying, we think. How you pay it forward is up to you – if you want some ideas then blog, social media or start nominating your photographer friends are some effective ways. Just use the hashtag #SpreadingKarma on any social media – that way we can find it easily.
  3. Post your story on their facebook page: or send them message on twitter @albumparrot and show any kind of evidence that you have done something – that way your name will be in the ‘hat’ for winning a ticket.
  4. That’s all!!


Good luck to you all and I cant wait to see you in Sweden!