Aly & Mike

// Engagement, Love

off in a far land called Portlandia, two lovers met up with a wee photographer.

they ate at a spot folk come far and wait hours.

trekked thru streets up and down, finding hidden gems in the land to photograph.

running for trains, hopping in doorways and under trees.

high fives and hugs to aly and mike for inviting me to their land, their favorite spot and their home.

cherry turns 100

// Personal, Portrait

there’s a handful of things my dad has said over and over. i can hear his voice saying them.

one of them.

what do you want to be remembered for? 

when others think of you, what will it be that they remember you for.

this can be played out by conscious decisions to be something, or just inevitably who you are.

it’s not all too often, someone has 100 years to live and create that legacy.

to literally see the country we know change from one thing, to another, ten times over.

a quiet revolution. 

something i have never heard before. a descriptor used to explain what auntie cherry stood to do. a teacher. someone who held out for what she wanted and believed in. start with one, and individual by individual, make a change and impact. 

such a powerful concept. very few believe it enough to actually live that. 

it’s not all too often we get to see someone 100 years into their life. and it’s not too often, i get to be a fly on the wall and document that kind of celebration. my favorite thing, photographing real life. something that is going on whether I’m there or not, and just because i got to have a camera in my hand, i get to tell the story.

this is cherry. she just turned 100.

are you dying?



miss cherry.

few and far in between are days like this that i get to shoot. good lord i love it.


// Lifestyle, Personal, Travel

you have to decide in the split second if you want it.

because, when road tripping, if you wait. you’re going 70 MPH and it’s too late.

so alyssa and i went to oregon to shoot a wedding and spent an entire day deciding in the split second if we wanted to stop and get a shot.

i typically travel alone. and i typically gaze at allllllll the spots i want to stop and shoot. i cant tell you, it warmed my little heart having someone along ready and willing to run in traffic, stand in the cold, get screamed to leave property, discover, explore and play. not everyone is willing to burn a day like that.

here’s to a weekend that was nothing what i expected, only way way better.

bearded lady.

headbutt semi

crazy love this water tower.

static? wind? magic?

goin nuts over this.

caught wind some friends were in portland. so we hopped over to join em. plus random PDX street style strangers.

caterpillar four.

meet cory.

ace hotel pillow fight – GO.

died over this for a good 27 minutes. i made them hold hands, adds the perfect *touch* dont you think?

good lord what a weekend.

life is fun.

once again

// Lifestyle, Personal, Travel

well we know each other quite well by now.

and no one makes me laugh hypothetical milk out of my nose like this one.

he’s a good one to have around.

post 18 hour wedding. we be sleepy. waking up with stumptown.

portraiting a self portraiter.


this isn’t lonnieville. he doesn’t need 2 blogs dedicated to him. so here we go.

we have a tradition. someone gets a tattoo. the other person shoots it. 

eyes closed, not really in focus but i just love this one.

(laying getting tattoo #1) i think i want to get another one today. are you down to do another?

since then, he has gotten 2 more covering his whole other arm. once you pop, you just cant stop.

i love the sh*t out of that kid. instagrams. lady speed stick. giggles. good side/bad side. donuts. always my lonnie boy.

he might fall asleep in the passenger seat. and he might think water comes from rocks and pretend he doesnt want me to take his picture. but that boy, is a joyful one. i’ve never seen him without a smile on his face and there hasn’t been a time where being around him hasn’t lifted me up. he is a talented photographer, you should see. friends inflate, not the adverse. ones who understand, share in the joy, stop at the side of the road to shoot. they are worth so very much.


matt has done 3 of my tattoos now and is one of the kindest guys around. if you’re looking for an artist, i would over the moon recommend him. you’ll find him at Under The Needle in belltown.