WEDDINGS  I shoot selfish. I look to take on work that inspires me. that brings me a crazed sense of fulfillment. that i’m actually truly connected to and want to give me heart to that couple. i shoot selfish. and as i’ve come to find out, its the best mentality in photography. it’s so important to me that we feel a real, unique and personal connection, because when that happens….you better hold the fuckin’phone. I’m gonna be screaming and cursing, shooting the best shit on your day. I never want to be seen as a vendor, but rather; that experience, that person who brought life and excitement to your wedding. i am drawn to real people. people with an edge. people who know that photography is about art and not tables and flowers. I’m interested in creating amazing art for you….that happens to be on your wedding. I take on a limited number of weddings and i dont feel bad about making sure that the weddings i do document, are ones where i cannot wait to tell their story.

there’s a lot of hearts and butterflies with weddings….i’m not drawn to that aspect. i’m drawn to people that want to do things different. to people who have personality. people that invest in me and people that i can invest in. this isnt about money, or shooting 70 weddings a year. my perspective is: i want to shoot what rings real and true to me. set myself up to create work *i’m passionate* about…because, i’ve learned, when that happens, my couples are blown away.

i’m about experience and heart. and that is not something i can mass produce. i will remain true to this, and know that those that i work with are people who value the photography….but vibe with me, and want to have a really fucking good time in the process.


It’s amazing that when I began as a photographer, I said: I will never shoot weddings. And even crazier, that as of this year, I have shot over 100 weddings. What I quickly realized was that I could shoot weddings the way I wanted to.  That changed everything. I could shoot stories, not a set of coverage. I could document, not take pictures. I could form incredible friendships, not show up and shoot strangers. I do not, have an obsession with the wedding industry, rather, have an addiction to the incredible people that find me and ask me to come document their story. I do not aim to be the photographer that shoots 3 weddings a weekend, but rather look forward until I get to document an amazing couples’ day.I’m never going to be about weddings, I’m always going to be about people.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to shoot weddings all over the world, country, and in my own city Seattle; and the thing that keeps me coming back for more, is the incredible people that find me. I’ve only ever shot Full Day coverage, and that will never change. I want my couples to have ONE decision to make and that being, “Yes, we want Andria to shoot our wedding” and from then on, know that every detail is covered.

I’m honest, I come with a lot of energy, plenty of ideas and a whole’lotta direction. I will not be the quiet girl in the corner on your wedding day. I expect that you care about photography and I will always do my best to educate and allow us to get only the very best coverage. I am not shy to go after what i want. I’m not for everybody, I’m for the somebody who feels it and just knowswe’ll be a good fit. I’ll travel any distance and bend over backwards for you. I want to get to know you, I want to feel a connection to you and your story.

My aim is to photograph people full of love, spunk and passion on the best day of their lives, and do a damn good job at it.

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having bomb photos is awesome. being in love is even awesome'er.