lady liberty

// Wedding


i mean, i cant hide it. 

there’s just a little something down in my marrow that brings me to life. 

and that’s a little something called a woman. 


couples, yes.

but a little corner pocket of my heart turns to jolly ranchers when i can make a stunning portrait of a woman on her wedding day. whats a girl to do….but spotlight them for a quick minute.


happy monday. may it mean you are not packing with stomach pain and a 5 month old baby to entertain.

Casey & Erik

// Wedding

every once in a while.

a few times a year. 

i get an email when i instantly know…..this is gonna be the shit. 

im gonna kill it. and we’re gonna hit it off.


and that’s casey & erik.

certain they wanted me. and let me do my thang. real good taste and a palm springs. oooh my favorite.

one house. all weekend. down to shoot it 5 more times.

If you want me in Palm Springs, you got it.


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Rachel & Colin

// Wedding

a beautiful couple. one small, one tall.

plan a big wedding then say no, lets do something small.

not too big, its the right size.

everyone close to you.

right in the city. the gem, that prize.


rachel and colin say their i-do’s. 

the sweetest couple, so right. so true. 

how ironic, that all of Pikes was closed down but this one store front, i had to grab a photo…and they yell out to me that this was actually his favorite spot to eat.

love these intimate weddings, somewhere local and all the time you want with all the people you love. 

thinking about something small? you wont regret it. do it.

then call me.



Hair: Rayna @ Charbon Salon