Brent & Jessica

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we briefly walked the same halls in high school. little did we know 10+ years down the road, we’d be living in the same city and i’d be shooting her wedding.


brent and jessica and my rare couple in the same city, means we actually get to do some photos before the wedding.

seattle never disappoints.

i love you seattle and your forever good nooks, crannies and walls.


Makeup: Gaylin

Battery Box

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coming off of 19+ hours of airport time this past weekend, i feel like its a very appropriate time to give BATTERY BOX a shout out. a brand new, take anywhere, portable charger for your Macbook Pro and iPhones, all Apple devices (and some non-apple devices).

time on a plane, or lonnng plane rides can be extremely productive or a draggg in the sand. if my computer is dead, i literally get nothing done, when really its one of my favorite un-distracted times to hammer out work.  like sunday, almost 7 hours on a plane and barely any work was done because of a dead battery and no time in between flights to charge it. (not to mention the lack of plug ins AT airports, literally america we are the only ones behind in this!) there are options for phones of course, mophies, etc. but in my research there are hardly any options that are small and actually work on Apple products.

then i found BATTERY BOX!!! this baby gives you 12 extra hours on macbook air // 6 hours on macbook pro // 80 hours for iPhone // 15 hours on iPad // see more listings here. they are brand new, in the pre-sale phase. mailing out the first shipments in February.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.37.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.37.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.36.05 PM

i’m not a s salesman if you’re an often airport traveler, it basically sells itself.  they are running a pre-order special right now for $139 instead of $215. and am almost out of their pre-sale devices. get yours!!! omg i cannot wait to use mine while traveling and endless hours of twiddling my thumbs on planes and in airports.

if you want to buy it GO HERE (which is connected to my account now and i receive $10 off mine for every one that is purchased. once you buy yours, you can share your personal link as well) CONGRATS, we no longer will be bored on flights or in the car, everywhere there aren’t plug ins! thank the Lord someone smartened up and made this.

CJ and A take Kauai

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my baby met me down in Hawaii.

i shot a glorious wedding down there, once my work was done…we spent a week on the south and north shore and it was a delight.

we took little clips during the whole trip and i made us our first home movie. i just love it.

i’m hoping, in 25 years…we’ll have ages of videos like this to look back on. 

bloopers at the end! muah.

// i spent the entire weekend working inside. cooking, working, baking, working, working. by my tree. by my baby. it was the best AND i’m even more proud of my video skills for the OH SH!T, THE DESERT video i put together….we’ll be setting that baby out next week…a few day before we go live for the next Oh Sh!t workshop….monday. keep your eyes peeled for a bomb video + more details!!!

Oh Sh!t, Thank You

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yesterday was one of the first actual risks i’ve taken in my career. at least, that’s how it felt.

something where the end isnt known or guaranteed. however, in my experience, its those things you feel most passionate about, that dont feel like a risk at all. and i’m so thankful for that. we had an incredible response to Oh Sh!t, The Desert…so much so that google shut down all my email accounts almost the entire day. the 10 spots went so fast, which was so exciting, however, i know alot of people that wanted in, didn’t get in on this group….so I’m excited to say that we are already looking to setup the next Oh Sh!t, ________.  most likely in spring or early 2015. the response was so great, and even though so many of the details were never put out in the public, we will save that info for the next set around.

it’s incredible to be a part of such an excited, eager group. i cant tell you how much effort I’ve put into this idea and I am so pumped for this first group in October to take way.

it was also a learning experience, this first round, next time I will gather emails and get a list going and start it all with one swoop of email/info, that way there are hundreds of emails coming in at once, which was what shut the email down for me. which was totally anticlimactic….but a learning lesson.

for now, take a look at a wedding i just started. talk about nuts. 

Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014 Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014 Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014 Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014 Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014 Kerry & Jon-Paul // © Andria Lindquist 2014

happy hump day.

Aaaaaand ASIA

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so off I go to my home away from home, Asia.

i’ve got one month ahead of me being gone. 97% work. 3% play. but all of it will be a very lovely time. lots of new friendships ahead with the RPTE trip, my first filipino wedding (good god!) and a bomb below the border nuptial in ixtapa. oh, and a valentines day with my boo in the philippines. talk about a good year for my favorite holiday.

once i see the lovely asian airline ladies in their uniforms, i know i’m in good hands. i’m learning to really appreciate the asian gentle spirit and willingness to help. we could learn a little from them!

i will be abroad for valentines and my birthday. pretty much solo on my bday, so that is a first. bring on 27 baby. holy balls, sounds pretty adult to me.

i hope to share some snippets of my trip instead of these lonnnnnnng in-betweens. i miss my bloggy boo boo.

please enjoy february in the US. it is my favorite month! and please, text/email/msg me every update in the world of the superbowl. GO HAWKS! 

Muah muah muah. Im gonna get tannnnn.

and as always, when I’m abroad…internet can be real sketchy, so please be patient with me emails and new inquiries….imma gonna be slow.