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friends having babies.

babies. babies. babies.

the best days are among us.


6lbs of sweet blonde boy. Kai Ryan Peterson. Born May 13th, 2017….on the eve of Mothers Day. 

and the sweetest lips you ever saw.

ages ago, I photographed a teeeeny tiny boy, Jack, and look at him now 3 years old going on 17.

Portland has some boyfriends in line.


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like a sale with all your favorite stores in one room. 

mark your calendars biotches.

Sept 28 (next wednesday!) were gonna have 10 closets in one room selling the good shit you actually want to buy.

You know how it goes, an online shopping habit + new seasons = some stuff you’ve never worn or worn once just sitting in your closet. So we’ve got gently worn clothes from all your favorite stores. call it a garage sale from heaven. I’ve been saving up stuff for over a year, so I’m ready to rumble hunny.

You can RSVP to our email — GimmeTheGoods2016@gmail.com — to get the address, details and info. tell your best friend, tell your sister! We’ll see you there!



Our Wedding: Part 4 // Our Artists (AKA vendors)

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ah yes, those wonderful people we chose to work with and been blessed by their amazing talents. as i mentioned before, there was only a handful of things i cared about, those things got insane work done around them, anything outside it. yea, nope…didnt give it a second thought. so for those things that we really cared about, i wanted to make sure that we were surrounded by likeminded bomb people who got what we were doing…so searching out the experience and brand within that vendor was super important. the handful of people we worked with…well, they were incredible and im excited to internet-duce you to them all.

for the most part, we dont get to pick and choose and be consumers that often. outside shopping for clothes or home items….we’re not typically choosing artists and people that we can support with our dollar, so when you can…..take your time, search em out, see what they’re about, go with your gut. the feeling they bring and the experience is so important to how you feel and joy you can feel by how they interact with you.



The Food // im sorry to tell you, but wedding food is typically boring as f*ck and nothing to write home about. we wanted something fun. something different and not your everyday meal. yas. i cant wait to tell you what we chose.

The Dress // as said before, YOLO, i wanted a really unique dress. something sexy and something that wasnt necessarily white. well this came thru in the best of ways.

The Dinner // we wanted people to sit for 19 hours. to talk. to remind us of a dinner in europe where you burn time and dont even think about it. we wanted courses and courses and courses. the dinner was the main event of the evening…so the aura and feeling around the dinner was so important.

The Venue // #duh. this was hella important because it influenced the entire wedding and feeling people had there with us. I searched high and low for a bomb venue.




Her Role: hand painting our watercolor custom portrait of CJ and I, the tiny icons for our wedding book, and our “Thank You” custom portraits for our photo/video and food team. 

Experience: I’m obviously writing about her first, because, hello, the experience was wonderful and we felt so taken care of and that she was just as excited and interested in the project as we were. The paper was basically my obsession of the wedding, i found a way to get design into every part of the wedding, and her role was huge. we wanted something totally unique and never done before (big surprise) …not just for uniques sake but i really felt like doing things others have done, didnt feel like they were mine. doing something new, meant it was just ours. i reached out to her and heard back right away…she was so on top of getting me sketches and drawings quickly. took all my changes with no problem and just lived out exactly my vision…which was so amazing.

I would say, if you have a reason to reach out to her, do it. custom art. invites. a fun project. whatever it is, find a way. i have already used her again since and every time is a dream.


custom portrait thank you’s

i really wanted to find a way to say thank you to a few people who put insane work into our wedding and really impacted our day in a positive way. logan, tyler (photo), austin (video) and dante (food)…what do you get 4 guys? a candle?….no. another card in the mail? simply not! i really wanted to get them someone that they wouldnt just look at once and say that was a nice thought. thank you’s are important. i mean yea, we paid them…thats good. but a thank you goes a long way, and is rarely done in my experience. ding dong! a portrait! + i got to use Ellen again, so that was a bonus. I sent her photos of each of the guys, and these watercolor portraits were actually painted online, not by hand (again, so talented) and i adore how they turned out! they were printed on nice luscious paper and sent off into the mail to our vendors as a proper thank you.


Austin & Logan


Dante & Tyler

feel free to use this idea on anything! i plan on bringing it back out for birthdays, holiday gifts…its gonna be amazing.

To sum up, we LOVED using Ellen and i cant wait to use her again. My advice would be, if there is one area you just LOVE and want to spend time on…search out someone great….its so worth the research and time to find someone who gets you and puts true love into their work. I know because of how important the paper was to me, i would have been so sad if i had just gone with someone who didnt give that experience that i was looking for. its not always just about the end result, its about the process & experience too. 




His Role: being the king of soul food. literally the king. the source of us stuffing ourselves beyond what is healthy or appropriate. 

Experience: lets call this the pursuit of my life. i found Dante on some CA food truck website. checked out his instagram and YOLO fell in love. this guy is mysterious, a real chase i’ll tell ya. i think i mostly became obsessed with getting him to cook for us because i couldnt get a hold of him….i went cray on my search. tweeted at him. IG’d him. wrote him an email. if this was a dating situation, i would have been called a stalker. This guy runs food-music pop-ups all over CA and the US, has cooked for celebrities and placed all his orders only via Twitter from a secret location.  whatever, i knew in my gut we had to have him. about a month later, i got a response from him and it was like angels singing. we slowly got things squared away over a set of months and our dreams slowly became true. we set our menu and he had sent us this visual menu with pictures which was such a cool way to see what we’d be eating. CJ’s one true love is good Soul Food and so this was his passion project for the wedding. He did not disappoint. not only was he talented but he felt like an addition to our family, he joined in on some scotch drinking and chatting….we cant wait to be in his presence again.

The Food: I know you all think you had good food at your wedding. well you didnt. i did. this was an experience. this guy is a genius. it is hands down – all across the world, in all the traveling I’ve done – the BEST food i’ve ever had in my life. the flavors, the way of cooking, the presentation, the taste. Food’gasm if i’ve ever had one. we had 4 courses. people sat down to a bruleed grapefruits that my mother picked for him that morning on site. we ate everything family style. huge platters, passed around, you can take what you want. i hate getting one small plate and thats supposed to be it? what if i want to gorge myself? well we did, and i did. so much so, that i went into the bathroom with my sister because i had over-eaten so much i thought i had to throw up #classy (turns out just taking my tight ribcage dress off allowed my to exhale properly, then i felt better). We had course after course after course. we literally couldnt even finish the last course that was brought to us. We were in heaven. We even got to pack some leftovers in a huge Tupperware and carry them on the plane home – and enjoy more food those following days. It was glorious.


Welcome Dinner “Chicken & Waffles” …yes. 

0003LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0547LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0553LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0555LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj

His Site // HERE  (check out his insta for some serious food porn) 

I cant say enough about our experience using Dante. we are 100% without a shadow of a doubt hiring him for any huge parties we do the rest of our life. we have to get more people to taste his creations. he was thinking about bringing a food-music pop up event to Seattle and i would just like to put it out into the universe that we are voting YES on that. when people talk about our wedding in Palm Springs…its the food they talk about first. something we all got to experience and feel like we were in on the best kept secret in CA only its not a secret. thank you Dante for your incredible brain and talents. we love you mucho.


Her Role: Designing the dress of my dreams

Experience: yes yes and yes. i was in New York trying on wedding dresses (talk about a helluva experience) and hopping around shops that i meticulously researched and organized and setup. On one of the appointments, I tried on a dress i loved the seams of and the gal let me know she had a showroom in NYC and i should check it out. all my appts, i’d made a month in advance…but we called her shop from the back of a cab and somehow got a same day appointment. it was a sign. we got to the showroom, poured champagne and had the shop to ourselves to shop and mingle our way through all her gowns. i mean, trying on wedding dresses is like one of the best things ever…and im not a super girly girl (well depending on who you ask) but damn, i could do this every month. you feel so special and actually like a bride! // so when i tried on my dress we knew it was the one. it was stunning. so different and sexified!! i felt like a queen. i saw myself on my wedding in it. i knew it was the one. the team at Carol Hannah is small enough and young enough to feel like your peers, in a great way, they share in your joy. They were truly so excited for me and so happy that i was sooo in love with this unique gown. I had the absolute best best experience with them. The next day, I came in again to try it on and got to meet Carol Hannah. how great is that, you dont always get to meet face to face the designer behind your gown. overall, it was just the experience i wanted. feeling like i had a personal experience with the brand and was treated with love and excitement. as you know, dress shops see 942 brides a week, so feeling special and taken care of it really a gem.

Customer Experience: a little story…when i got my dress in the mail months and months later (because they make it custom for you) and tried it on at home alone….and put on the bomb over-skirt that i fell in love with (because its like 2 dresses!) and it was totally different than my feeling in the store. reason being, the one i tried on in the shop was touched and tried on a million times and softened to a flowy silk….the one i got was brand new and because of that, more stiff. i was so sad because i loved the flowy’ness of that first try on. So i reached out to them, and spilled my heart...and asked for the original in the store for my own. and yep, they were so happy to send me that one i fell in love with. all that to say, they showed me incredible customer service and wanted me to be happy and love my dress. and yep, you guessed it…i did.

Her Line // If you’re looking for a really unique dress, look at CH. every line and season is completely new and different. I think its cool that she’s not totally predictable. Her lines dont all look exactly the same. i get the feeling each line is a reflection of where she’s at in life and her vision for that time….if you’re wanting something a little non-traditional and different, seek this girl out! I really cant say enough, Im SO glad that I was able to go here for my dress and have such an incredible experience surrounding such a fun part of planning your wedding. they made it such a special part of my wedding.

Her Site // Here // Flagship in NYC  // Find a retailer around the US Here


Their Role: provided all our gorgeous white bow-ties for CJ and the groomsmen.

Experience: the best. these are dreamy dreamy, all made by hand in Lithuania and arrived in the mail in the most beautiful packaging and look. They custom made our white bow-ties for us and matched perfectly to the guys suits….they were a wonderful matte white, thick and beautiful material. i LOVED these bow-ties. they hold their shape so well and include a how-to-tie diagram, because, newsflash its almost every wedding i shoot that if there are bow-ties, the guy has no idea how to tie it! (last weeks groom walked to Nordstrom to have his done day of) They have a gorgeous site and have a huge amount of colors to choose from. They had each of our guys send in measurements for their neck so the fit was perfect….their detail and care for a great product and delivery is wonderful.

They also offer ties and handkerchiefs, as well as of course the bow-ties..have basically any color you can think of and provided us such a great experience and delivery.

Their Site // HERE // Shop Here

0171LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0148LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0161LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0979LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0232LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj


Their Role: All of our gorgina tables and chairs and bar top in Palm Springs. 

Experience: the best! As i mentioned before, the dinner was so so super important to us. We wanted people to sit and eat and be there for hours. In Palm Springs, the food was our main event, so we really wanted a beautiful setup for the dinner that encouraged a nice long dinner. I could not be happier we chose Planks & Patina, they were so so super wonderful. John was so quick at getting back to us and had a great library of options for us to choose from. We chose their reclaimed long wood tables, their assorted chairs so it had some variety and fun to it, a few small side tables for the guest book, gifts and frame and then their Bar with a copper top. simple, not too over the top…..not too fancy but amazing quality. We didnt want too stuffy of a feeling or anything that didnt feel our vibe, so these fit perfectly. John was on time and amazing, set up the entire getup for us and was so easy to work with. I promise you, not every vendor is easy to work with (just in my life of working with weddings) so choosing someone with a great reputation and quality of service is so important. if you’re going to be giving your dollar somewhere, it might as well be to someone who you actually enjoy working with.

They are located in Palm Springs and serve the greater desert area. If you’re getting married in that location you must look them up! We absolutely adored

Their Site // HERE

0550LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0552LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0566LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0551LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0523LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj0545LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj

Gorgina, right? we were able to achieve our long long dinner and gorgeous environment, exactly what we wanted. it totally impacted our aura of the night and our families wanting to stay around the table like a good holiday dinner. the dinner in palm springs was absolutely a dream. and i am so thankful we found Planks & Patina and was able to use them for our wedding.


Her Role: providing the gorgeous pampas grass for our ceremony.

Experience: I found her online and simply chose her because her site was bomb and she seemed to have a fun personality – so i reached out and told her about my idea for a grass circle for our ceremony. i am not really a fan of flowers, they just dont feel like me or us. i wanted CJ’s suit to be him and not have florals and i wanted my dress to be the star…and not carry around a $300 bouquet for a few hours. they just arent me. BUT i did want the ceremony to feel dreamy and i loved how that grass looked. i contacted her actually pretty close to the wedding and she was so pumped to work with me (and randomly already followed my work!)  she immediately got shit all organized and was so speedy and happy to work on this tiny project for our wedding. i was worried that a florist wouldnt be willing to take such a small project since they are probably used to big $$$ projects but she was so kind and happy to fulfill this tiny floral dream of mine. she is located in San Diego (i thought LA) so she was even kind enough to coordinate a drop off with CJ’s brother in LA – she assembled all of them ahead of time so all we had to do was arrange the circle and blammo, we had our dreamy grass circle.

Her Work: This girl is uber talented and is all over the California scene and you cant scroll 10 inches on Green Wedding Shoes or  any wedding blog…people love her and for a reason. if you’re getting married in the CA area….#duh check her out.

Her Site // HERE

0422LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0426LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0459LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj

The biggest thank you to those who offered such incredible talents up for our wedding. I feel so lucky that we got to have such incredible artists that helped bring the aura and experience we really wanted to life. Palm Springs was one incredible evening of our families falling in love with each other, not a lot of fluff, not a lot of pretense….just a really emotional ceremony and some damn good food.

If you have any reason to use any of these incredible artists for any wedding, event or party of yours…..dont you hesitate. you wont regret it.

Our Wedding: Mexico

// Personal, Wedding

ah, my prized possession. my favorite child. my dream. 

i had little threads pulling me a certain way over the years of living at other peoples weddings. i really wasnt the girl to *plan* my wedding ahead of time but i always knew in the back of my head…its gonna not be in america and its not gonna be one day. the one thing i did do in advance was find the venue/house/dream land. one a girls trip with Tonhya, she was off shooting a wedding and i was in a tiny nothing town – so naturally, i spent the day watching E! and searching for some amazing location basically anywhere in the southern half of our western hemisphere.

on about hour 7, i came across this Hacienda with this amazing outdoor area and i fell in love with the natural old walls. i fell in love. then i also found this amazing white modern cement home. huge lawn…less space, but beautiful. i loved both so much and our of hundreds of homes i looked at, they were my top two. i couldnt decide. this was before i was engaged, and about a month later, i was drooling over them again and clicked on a link at the bottom of a listing that said check out our other listing….so i clicked, and YOLO my life was complete….yep you guessed it, the other house i loved was ON THE SAME GROUNDS & OWNED BY THE SAME COUPLE. newsflash! it was a sign and my dream place all together in one space. i was over the moon and it was decided. all our friends could stay there, it would be amazing for photos and was actually my fantasy come true combining old but then also having photos of white and modern. God is real. so naturally, i reached out to the owner and told her my story and asked if they at all allow weddings…because i could not let my dreams continue to build if they dont allow events on site. she wrote back, was amazing….and said YES. it was literally my dream.




  • HELLA REMOTE // we wanted it to be just us. no one else, no other resorts. just our people. it must be remote and private.
  • PEOPLE STAY ON SITE // this was doubly important. i know that even with destination weddings, when people are all staying at different hotels, you actually dont see people that much other than the events. it becomes a little vacay for the attending couples, which is nice, but we wanted everyone to be together all the time. wake up together, go to bed together, and get some serious serious quality time. we got that, and it was the best thing evurrr.
  • GORGINA #OBV // I mean it had to be gorgeous, and one million times photo worthy. i was not interested in decor, flowers or a bunch of shit to set up …..so the place had to be the shining star. all you have to do is show up and thats your decor. done and done. im actually a lazy person if i dont care about it, so since i knew i could care less about decorating….i knew the place itself had to naturally be beautiful so we were good to go.
  • SOMEWHERE SPECIAL TO US // we’d been traveling to the Tulum area since the first year of our relationship and had kinda become ‘our place’ so it seemed so perfect that the place we found was in that general area. I’m not really a beach and ocean person…so it didnt feel us at all to have a beach wedding…hence, lets go inland to Merida.





so when we first got engaged, we came up with the idea about doing a multi day event. when we were in Tulum, i had my wedding notebook and we got down to designing the days….i wanted this to be an event, not just about the wedding but about all the days. we wanted to do the wedding basically first, no build-up…arrive, do it…and then wind down and relax the rest of the week. a little opposite of how people usually do it. we also had our date of FEBRUARY 11th, which was the day we met, the date we got engaged and then naturally the date of our wedding. we only have to remember one date and its Feb 11th.

I’m big into themes (hence every party i’ve ever planned has had a proper name & theme) and so naturally we were going to have themes for the wedding. #duh. here’s how the days panned out.



our guests took a shuttle from Cancun to our wedding house in Merida and arrived ready to rock and roll. the weather was absolutely perfect that week and we were blessed with perfect sun, but not kill-me-im-dying-its-so-hot-out temps. We had welcome bags prepared and on everyone’s bed with some goodies and a guide to the week. people laid out, tanned, had some beers and then got all ready for the WELCOME PARTY. since we had such a huge area to work with, we wanted to get use out of all the land, so we set up the welcome dinner on the huge lawn with lights over head. it was the best.

WELCOME NIGHT BONUS: we had a Mariachi Band play while we drank and hung out before the dinner, and it was such a fun thing to do and nothing else says WELCOME TO MEXICO BITCHES better than mariachi. 

0740LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0742LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj

WELCOME NIGHT BONUS #2: It was Quinn’s Birthday that she shared with us and so we had our chef make her a birthday cake (strawberry champagne cake) and surprised her with it after dinner! it was so fun. she and I threw huge joint themed birthday parties in college since we’re a week apart…so her birthday has always been special to me!

0700LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0701LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj 0705LoganColePhotographyWeddingpalmspringsmexicoandriacj



i didnt care about a lot, but i cared about the feeling of the wedding. and what you wear really influences the aura and feeling, so the ALL WHITE ATTIRE could not have been a better decision. people really got into it and it photographed so damn beautifully. the wedding day itself was a dream. obviously. but i mean really really a dream. we had a rough schedule for the day, but i wanted everything to just feel like we were going from one thing to the next NATURALLY. once the day got going, i never once looked at a clock. we were all there, we had all night, thats all we needed to know. there’s no way to write about it or describe, but the day just seemed like a movie. there were no “snafu’s” there were no stressed moments, i truly had the best day of my life and was surrounded by my nearest and dearest friends. it was incredible to really feel like we enjoyed every single moment, never rushed, never feeling like we had to get to the next thing, we truly got to be in every moment and that was absolutely a memory i’ll never forget. 

FAVORITE MOMENT: getting bomb ass shots with my ladies. we didnt take one sorority pose, just the baddest bitches here to take the town. the look of my girls came thru big time, and i was so happy we got an art piece of us. my closest friends.


FAVORITE MOMENT: maybe the best moment of the entire day was before the ceremony, guests were seated, we’d just had pre-ceremony cocktails and alcoholic popcicles (YES!) and the bridal party was all waiting to line up….perfectly so, one of CJ and I’s favorite songs came on…and we were all standing in a circle, I went around to each person and said thank you for being here, hugged em, and got to look in their eyes….by the end it was completely overwhelming, i was in tears, all these people came so far for us and we were THERE in that moment. it was incredible. everyone was snapping and CJ and I danced in the middle of the circle to the song….it couldnt have been done better if it was planned. it was completely spontaneous and just definitely my favorite moment of the day because it was so real and so overwhelming to be surrounded by so much love. i’ll never forget that moment.

85 84 83

FAVORITE MOMENT: after we kissed, we had the mariachi band come right around the corner and start playing music as we were announced. it was so happy and fun and a little surprise. they then led us in a train all the way down the grass to the cocktail hour. it was so fun, to look back and see all our friends following up behind….i loved that moment. during cocktail hour we had a caricature artist there to paint a portrait of everyone (i guess we DID have a wedding favor) so they could take it home. it was so fun to see everyone’s portrait.

115114 116 123

FAVORITE MOMENT: sorry but this includes nudity and beyonce. if only those two were hand in hand. during the end of teh night, we were dancing and “WHO RUNS THE WORLD” came on, and it of course ended up being all girls on the dance floor. now, i dont know if you know….but i LOVE to dance. in that moment, when the song came on, i was blessed by the beyonce gods and somehow became possessed by her. the song turned into one of my best performances of my life and had moments of all of us girls screaming hands in the air and me dancing up front like it was truly my beyonce moment. even tonhya had her chin on the ground at my possession (that girl can dance and if she was impressed by ME, then you know something was going on)….i ended up on the ground, my top came off, it was hilarious and just one of the most joyous girl filled moments – it was the best. im glad there was no go-pro or video of this…because i never want to know anything else than what i feel in my heart – which was – i WAS beyonce that night.


The Wedding Day was incredible. i’ve said that. all my experience in the wedding world for so long helped me so much, be able to craft a day where we got to enjoy each moment, and look around and see only those we love the most in the world. done and done. my life is complete. 

SWIM, SMACK & SUPPER aka Hangover Day


meet me at the pool. lets not go anywhere. cool. we woke up when we wanted, had breakfast prepared and met by the pool for a sun day. worked off the alcohol and basically replayed every moment from the day before. we knew that some people might not get back to the area maybe ever or for a while, so we wanted to make sure we got off-site and showed them Merida at least once. so we got a shuttle for the group to the best place ever – Apoala – for a kickass dinner in the cutest square. people had chocolate margerita’s and snacked on mezcal and crickets (yes, the bug) and just had such a great night all dolled up.

(iPhone Photos below)


FAVORITE MOMENT: the pinatas! we had picked out some pinatas in the city market earlier that week and filled them with alcohol and goodies, so we hoisted them up and gave everyone a spin. it actually started off weird & polite and i was like oh no is this going to be a dud of an activity…..but then people started getting into it and falling and completely missing it and it was hilarious.

178 177



The last day. 4 days was perfect. by then, we were all having fun, but by 5, we were ready for some couple time, alone time…so im so glad we had all these days, but we didnt get to the point where people wanted to go home. we left on a high note. this was our adventure day! merida is home to some incredible mayan ruins and cenotes (underground rivers) so we took our crew to see the local goodness. We got to tour around Chichen Itza and then cool off in the cenotes…came home to a dinner at the house, got all packed up and said our goodbyes.

We cant wait to plan another trip to Merida and stay at Casa Sac Chich…..its truly the best place on earth and we’ll forever have incredible memories there.



take a peek at our favorite pictures and moments of our time in Mexico according to our memories.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8a 9 9a 10 11 12 13 13a 13b 14 15 16 17 17a 18 18a 18b 19 20 21 21a 22 22a 23 24 25 25a 26 27 28 29 30 31 31b 31c 31d 31e 31f 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 38a 39 39a 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 52a 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 60a 61 63 64 65 66 67 67a 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 74a 74b 75 75a 76 77 77a 77b 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 95a 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 118a 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183

Can we do it again?


Black Flowy Skirt // Nasty Gal 

Black Off The Shoulder Lace Top // Nasty Gal 

Welcome Party Dress // ASOS

ALL PHOTOS: Branch & Cole 

Our Wedding: Design & Aesthetic

// Personal, Wedding

a secret love of mine that has formed and grown over the past few years is design, visuals…making what i’ve got to show something fun and interesting to read and watch. this shows itself in invitations, party invites, videos from events or trips that means, yes, singing a terrible tune on our christmas party video invite or packing my GoPro everywhere….its a different type of art – one i love – to make what you’re looking at an experience and a fun one at that. if you’ve got info to find out, it might as well be fun!

so when it came to visuals and aesthetic for the wedding: aside from the location, this really was the only project i put my super duper effort into. i cared – like – a lot.  i really believe that something unique and done well, something with information and character can impact your excitement about an event or trip. being that people had to travel a good deal to our wedding, i wanted them to be oozing with excitement when they went thru all our info and invites.

i didnt care about a lot. but i cared a shit ton about what you felt when you held our paper in your hands. so i put a ton of hours and design effort into making this something amazing to open up in the mail. something you’d stop, sit down and read cover to cover.



when we first got engaged, I sat down and started a search on fonts and the perfect aesthetic for our wedding. basically treating it like a brand. i wanted to have one main font we used, something unique and then supporting fonts that were either and then played the part of being easy to read. here is the suite i formed to be our visual library for all things i would design.

Font Names

Sail // was used for all main headers and titles

Palatino // was used for all caps headers

Hipstelvetica // was used for numerals

Cochin // was used for all normal main paragraph text and easy reading


i came up with the idea about having a custom portrait made of CJ for the invitation and I and so then used Instagram’s help of locating an awesome artist who was willing to work with me thru out the wedding. I remembered Ellen from a previous trip Tonhya and I had taken to Spain…and she was actually a sponsor for out trip and sent us a long with some goodies. I reached out to her – and newsflash – this was the only time in the entire planning process…that I got an excited, personal and speedy reply back. literally made my world. I cant tell you how slow the reaching out and hearing back process was….that was probably my most frustrating part of planning and Ellen was literally a DREAM come true. she was so kind, thoughtful, excited about the project and gave us several revisions.

We ended up with one of my most favorite parts of the wedding and something I’ve never seen before: a custom portrait of us and *bonus* she painted this water color by hand on a huge piece that we got to have and now have framed. I’m huge on heirloom pieces and I just adore the fact that we have this portrait of us at such a fun time in our life. maybe it will be in our family for years. 


**the invitation was double-sided. the other side of the invite is the first picture above in the blog.**


yep, she did those too. as I was designing the book, I thought about adding little icons to signify the activities and what each day held. I wrote out a list and she beautifully painted icons for us, scanned them in so I had them in high res and blammo, easy peasy and done.

they are adorable and i love how they turned out.


You can see Ellen’s site HERE and her etsy HERE.

If you have any needs for custom work done, she is a gem. not only is she *insanely talented* but she is such a dream to work with. you just must find a reason to have work done by her. her talent is limitless, so dream something up!



easy. peasy. wanted them to be fun and continue the feeling of #fun & #laidback with the wording and phrases.



ok my personal favorite. our wedding book! as mentioned before, its so important to me that information is explained well and easily read…and even moreso, you can set the tone for an event by building a story and experience. because mexico was my dream come true and our idea love child….i wanted people to be counting down the days to Merida, as if it was their own wedding. no online doc or wedding website was going to do it justice…..i needed something tangible and in hand. boom. the WEDDING BOOK was born.

i designed all of this in photoshop and had a ton of info to get in to it. another aspect about having a multi-day event is: i wanted our entire group to feel prepared, pack well, and know what to expect each day, because that impacts peoples excitement as well as me not having to answer the same questions 100 times….so laying out a daily schedule with themes and – yes – what to wear (thats for you sara!) was so fun to prepare and design.

I hand bound each book with gold thread and included these babies in the envelope with the main invitation. it was the best process and I put so much work into them…it was so sad when they were all complete and in the mail.

It turned out beautifully and CatPrint had them printed, folded and in hand so quick. if you’re needing custom printing, i would highly recommend them…they did everything wonderfully, had amazing customer service and beat everyone else’s price by far. yolo.



i wasnt really into decor or details much. we chose the location to be the main attraction, so i didnt really feel the need (or cared to) add one million details and things to the day. I did, however, design a few things to put in white frames and place on a few tables and around the bar for decor.



Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.51.40 AM Table3


This was a pretty easy project as much decor as I did for “DIY” projects. i wanted them to match our aesthetic and remain unisex and nothing to sweet or cutesy. we got white frames from Ikea and Craft stores, bubble wrapped em and was good to go. Now, we have some of them as little decor pieces around our house.



something simple. everyone in attendance was basically our wedding party + a small handful. everyone already knew everyone. so no need for intros…just a simple order of events.

Mexico Ceremony Program



the only thing i wanted on the table was one million white candles. im not a flower person and really, we just wanted table space for hella food. so we kept tabletop decor to a minimum. because we had such small amount of guests attend, I thought it would be nice to place a “descriptor” word for each of our guests on their name card. because everyone attending was very close to us and we had no acquaintances or the like…we knew each guest intimately enough to name what we see in each guest. it was a small project, but i really liked the feeling it had. everyone was asking each other what they got and hopefully they enjoyed reading what we thought about them.



another double sided piece. these were placed on the plates. food was served family style….sharing is caring.



nothing ever came to us for a “wedding favor” and unless you have something unique to you…a lot of times they get left on the table or might be an easy waste of money…so i knew we would just do a Welcome Bag for our group. we got some custom tumblrs so people could trek around their drinks not in glass and a canvas bag to put all the goodies. sadly i never got a shot of these in all the setup but we included a set of items: water tumblr, homemade cocoa butter chapstick made my yours truly, a solo pack of sunblock, a pack or two of advil, granola bars, vitamin C packet, a couple waters and then another daily schedule to have in hand and bridesmaid/groomsmen “where to be when” slip because i know the more specific info, the smoother things are.

The daily schedule insert: a ton of info to get into one tiny half sheet of paper.

Daily Schedule

that’s all folks….

this was the nearest and dearest part of our wedding, i really really loved being able to have my hand in the design and aesthetic of the wedding. i didnt want to try to explain to a designer and i definitely didnt want to go with some template. i wanted it to be unique to us and feel like us. i would do this part over 10 more times. i absolutely loved this aspect of the wedding.

next up: I’ll be sharing about all of our amazing vendors.