// Boudoir, Oh Sh!t We're Sexy

little gift to him for your wedding? sure.

more like little gift to you to remind you….damn girl, you fine. 

book your boudoir. you wont regret it girl.

also. we’re tentatively looking at scheduling an Oh Sh!t, We’re Sexy in september….wanna get on the email list? yea. you do, i’ll just answer for you. go HERE and get yo’name on the list.

Oh Sh!t, We’re Sexy // We’re LIVE

// Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t We're Sexy

yolo. we’re live. 

one of my greatest feelings is photographing women and makin’them feel reaaaal good. real sexy. and real confident. if i had a resume, it would be my first bullet point of my skills.

Oh Sh!t, We’re Sexy // May 15th // Seattle 


C // Andria Lindquist

If you are not on the mailing list yet, well email me and i’ll send you the info hunny. // OhShit@AndriaLindquist.com


Oh Sh!t, Were Sexy // VIDEO RELEASE

// Boudoir, Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t We're Sexy

the best days, are the days when we can finally launch our videos from our Oh Sh!t events….you wonder what goes on during our events? you’re curious right? you wanna come right? well, Oh Sh!t, Were Sexy isnt something that should be hidden.

feast your eyes

and sign yourself on up.

TOMORROW. APRIL 6th. 10am. // we will be GOING LIVE and sending out the signups for our May 15th event. // Seattle // Boudoir+Music+Ladies+Lingerie+Yaaas = Oh Sh!t, Were Sexy #duh

if you’re already on our mailing list, then you’ll be the first to receive info and options to sign up. if you’re not on the list, you have until tonight to email on in and get on the list…..otherwise, you’ll have to email on in individually after the mailing list gets first dibs at sign ups.

want on the list? email: OhShit@AndriaLindquist.com 

see you tomoro ladies. 10 am.

you can go straight to our YouTube here.

Oh Sh!t, Were Sexy // Mailing List

// Boudoir, Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t We're Sexy

hey hunnies.

hey brides.

hey one year anniversaries.

hey new mama’s workin their ass off.

hey I just wanna-feel-fiiine.


J // Andria Lindquist

we’re planning some time on the sheets for you with an OH SH!T, WERE SEXY. Seattle // Summer.

Makeup + Champagne + Music + Lingerie + Ladies.

If you’re interested….shoot an email over to OhShit@AndriaLindquist.com and we’ll add your name for the first grabs at sign ups. Details and dates coming soon!

Oh Sh!t, Were Sexy // Seattle & San Fran Launch!

// Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t We're Sexy

Oh Sh!t, here we go again. 

OSWS is the funnest baddest sexiest thing around. and we’re takin it to TWO cities this summer. // Seattle & San Fran

i’ll spell it out for you.


you book, gather your goods, call yo’girlfriends and plan a girls day, bring em along, drink, get your face painted, step in front of the camera and have some gorgeous photos taken.

done and done. see you there, sweetie. we sold out last time, so i hope you dont delay too lonnnng.

// and dont forget to read about the REFERRAL REWARD PROGRAM for having a friend sign up with you!!! 

Miss T // Andria Lindquist 2015 L // Andria Lindquist 2015 Miss T // Andria Lindquist 2015 Miss T // Andria Lindquist 2015 L // Andria Lindquist 2015 // © Andria Lindquist 2014


we already have a mailing list and they’ve already got the PDF! if you want info to book OSWS, send an email OhSh!t@AndriaLindquist.com!



we will be booking a few extra sessions while we’re in town! one boudoir session is already booked, so we have ONE spot left!                                   // email OhSh!t@AndriaLindquist.com for info or booking info!


// OSWS YouTube! 

if you aren’t quite convinced yet….take a peek at our 50 second video of OSWS Seattle. its a blast.

peace, love and lingerie.