Blake & Cadence

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whats better than one ooey gooey baby? 



my first time seeing fresh outta the womb twins and these teeny tiny joys….the photos dont even do it justice.

blake & cadence and the sweetest little things. 

Congrats to Ben & Amanda….so happy to see you two become parents.

Baby Blankets: from Pretty Photo Props on Etsy. (zommmmg they were so gorg)

Amanda’s Dress: ASTR Victoria Dress


I’m basically done taking on weddings for the remaining 2017, but will be booking Boudoir and Family Sessions from the Fall on. This shoot was a 1 Hour Family At Home Package….if you’re interested in getting some relaxed, at home, playful family photos, give me a holler.

Atticus is 3

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cool your ovaries, ladies. 

atticus is 3. 

i dont shoot kids. but when i do, they are little baby models like atticus. i’ve been shooting this baby since he was a baby. big boy is 3 this year and has a train party coming up.

good lord, if you got baby fever do not look below.

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i go crazy over little boys. sign me up for one quick.

happy friday folks.


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i was in the kitchen with clients and i got joining texts, one from CJ and one from Jenny. that girl is PREGNANT!  shrieks and smiles, its was the start of 8 months more to go of pure auntie excitement.

jenny is one of my first friends to have a baby. considering how much i already adore her crass mouth and spunky self, obviously i love her more, now that she’s produced an heir. i absolutely plan on spending lots of time now, in kirkland, and seeing this baby grow up.


you cannot even prepare yourself for this russian-american pouty lipped baby perfection that will make your heart stop beating.

my baby and i were the first visitors the other night. and a chill no fuss photo sesh with the 5lb little jacky boy. i cannot tell you the joy and giddy glee i get from meeting and photographing friends’ babies as they come into the world. there is just nothing like it. 

good frickin work jenny and ryan. we couldnt be more happy for you.

prepare. for perfection.

i cant even.

a little gramma love.

for the daddy who will be ukulele serenading this babe.


and to think, all that was done by lamp light in pitch black of night.

i love you jacky boy.

Grey comes into the world.

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i have been incredibly incredibly blessed. in 2005, i moved on to 3W floor at Seattle Pacific University.

i went door to door on many floors and popped my little head in to rooms (like a big dork) and introduced myself to loads of new people. but little did i know, that on my very floor, i’d meet and develop a sisterhood with a handful of girls that would be carried over into my life after college.

we dont always get to see each other often. some of us now live states away. but it is all just the same.

now, at almost 9 years of friendship, we have seen each other thru the most normal days, days of loss, years of living under the same roof – to living under a roof with their new husband. been there for every morning of their wedding, to seeing them walk down the aisle. living 2 blocks away and living 3 states away. waking each other up on birthdays and yelling goodnights down the stairs. 

it’s something i hope i never take for granted. we have real life-long friends that i know – will still be calling when I’m 85.


and so, in september, I got to see a friend thru a day where she brought a life into the world. 

it all happened perfectly. with peace and calm in the room. i got to be 1 of 3 in the room, aiming to document, be a fly on the wall, and be there when needed. erica was incredible and nate, her perfect support.

i got to photograph his first breaths and the first moment of being placed on his mom’s chest. the look erica gave nate when he was out. and the grandparents first hug and hold. moments that i will never forget that i got to be a part of. moments i cry every time i see them again. 

such a powerful thing for me to be a part of. I feel so very lucky.


so. here is Grey’s story of coming into the world. 

one of the best moments.

it wont be a very common thing that i get to do this and document something so special. I’m so so grateful that i got to be in that room.


i documented a little of the process. so while we’re here…..might as well share.

Grey!! a few weeks old and just the cutest.

i’ve photographed all the girls as engaged. and i hope i’ll be able to do this for all of them when they are bringing babies into the world.


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i need to get a certain amount of baby fill every so often. 

i just gotta. 

and atticus. just about the darn cutest baby i’ve ever seen. filled that void for a few hours an afternoon back.

i got to shoot his parents a few summers back, actually right when she found out she was pregnant with him. but that was our little secret.

now, fast forward, they have this beautiful happy boy scootin’ around their house.

it’s not too often i photograph families, but when i do. sign me up, this is the exact thing i envision. natural, at home. no other way to do it.


just the sweetest little face. can he be mine?

ah spring has sprung folks.

i’ve been getting all organized and ready for a big commercial shoot coming up. been car shopping (ahhh!!) and recently started Juicing!!! omg it’s amazing. if you feel like being enlightened, watch Forks Over Knives.  its a wonderful documentary, i’ve been loving all the soaking up of wisdom lately and making a few simple changes for better health. cheers!