Blake & Cadence

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Blake & Cadence x2.

you might remember them the sweetest tiniest little duo that I documented when they were just weeks old, now almost a year later, I’m back and their even cuter. moving, sitting up, and completely different personalities.


the biggest gift is being able to be present in these stories, and watch families grow.

here’s ben, amanda, blake and cadence.

I’m full back in the swing of things, 2-3 shoots a week, weddings, its on. If you’re thinking about contacting me for photos this year, get in contact soon. I’m just about done booking for the year. A few spots in October, November and minimal in December. If you want some gorg Christmas cards this year, get in touch now to book a winter spot. I love documenting families and would love to make some sweet photos with your fam.


The Mama’s & The Babies

// Family

carried em.

birthed em. 

adopted em. 

feed them. 

cuddle them. 

love them. 

mother them. 


you deserve to be documented with them. 

to actually be IN the photo with them. 

feel pampered and beautiful. 

no yoga pants. no mom bun. 

no begging your husband to just take a photo please. 

a gift to you. but a gift to them. 

them and their mama.



If you’re a mama, I’m sure that all rang true to you. I’ve always been the documenter, even back in high school and college. now, as a photographer and a mom, I’m remembering another set of months went by and i need to shoot her! I’m always following her day with pictures and videos, seeing the perfect moment between Portland and CJ and capturing it. But you know what? I’m not in very many. mostly because I’m working from home, making her food, writing an email with one hand and feeding her with the other. I’m rarely ready, and have a red velvet baseball cap on most the time….so those photos I do take with her, my hair and up and no makeup.

But these times, its the best moments and days. and im building memories with her. how we brush our teeth together in the morning. or our morning walks. Her climbing all over me and standing behind me as i work, wrapping her little arms around my neck giving me the best hug.

It’s the most beautiful. and also the craziest. multi-tasking. busy. wonderful time. i’ve never been one night away from her and i’m her everything. i totally feel how they say, its the longest shortest time. and you know what, i deserve to be in photos where I’m with her, and where i feel beautiful and capture these memories that i will always have such sweet memories. i want to have the feeling i feel in my heart towards my baby to be captured on camera and in a physical form i can rely on later when i forget what its like to have babies in my house. 

it’s all because of this that I’ve been building something I’m so excited for, which is: The Mama & The Babies event – where Mama’s can show up, hand their baby over to a babysitter only to have it replaced with a glass of champagne. Have makeup done by a professional. Have moments to yourself. And take beautiful, feminine, strong, lovely photos with you and your babies.

cuddle, breastfeed, play, be quiet, hold, love.

Any age, if they call you mama….you’ve got the 1st spot. 

I put the idea out and there’s been an incredible response….so that just tells me, helllllllo we need this. I want so much to provide an opportunity where moms can step out of “I’m taking care of everyone” and put on “Let’s do something for you.” 

Photos for you to remember this time.

But photos to look back on 50 years from now and they can look at the woman they love so much.


The Mama & The Babies Event will be Sunday, July 22nd. You’ll have a beautiful home to relax in and get ready in. Photos of you and your babies. White. Flowy. Feminine. Love. Babies. Kids. Mama.

I’m launching this on Sunday. I’m so beyond excited to see what mama’s will be joining. This is starting something good. I know it. Ready to make some art with you and your babies.



Sunday, July 22 – Seattle 

You book your spot. Date comes around, bring all your dresses and goodies and off the shoulder items ….you meet us at the location, bring a girlfriend if you want (or need help)…be met with a glass of champagne and a babysitter onsite to play with your babe as you have a moment of silence while getting dolled up. dress your babies in rompers and naked butts and come shoot with me.

any age. any setup. 

beautiful, classic, real photos of you and your babes.

If you’re not already on my mailing list for first dibs at the event, you’ll want to add that email. I’m opening spots // SEATTLE MAMA’S EVENT

If you’re elsewhere, and what me to come to your city, click to the link and tell me what city you’re in and what type of shoot you want. (taking names for Mama’s, Boudoir & Family). U.S. TOUR LIST HERE

Sales go up Sunday.

I cant cant wait for this event to take place. Get you and your babies something beautiful. And have a day to be pampered.



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just like in relationships, as time goes on and you gain more experience, you hone in on exactly what you need and fulfills you. its been the same for me in my career.

as time has gone on, and i’ve gained experience over hundreds of shoots – i’ve honed in on the feeling and urge to create something something beautiful and timeless.

and it is this urge. a responsibility. and even tho I’m being hired, you always walk into a shoot with the opportunity to give in a particular way. you’re always needing to choose your best self and with women, i feel this strong desire to give them something of art. because i get it. and im a woman. and there’s something so empowering about having images where you feel strong and beautiful. proof maybe, that goes beyond what we allow ourselves to believe about who we are. proof that we are strong. we are fantastic and beautiful. all in that image. allowing us the proof we dont actually need to believe in our strength.

something for them. 

something that shows how powerful we are as women.

and now that i’ve gone thru pregnancy on my own, i see it completely different. in the only one can once we’ve been able to walk those steps and empathize a complete different way. and a draw to document it the way i see it.

powerful. dark. more in your body and in tune than you ever have been. 

this vision has been in my mind for years and when she wrote me with her ideas, i knew i was finally going to be be able to create what i had in teh back of my mind for so long.

carolyn and what she didnt know would be her daughter inside.

If you’re interested in creating something similar or this when you are pregnant or have a tiny babe, give me a holler. // my year is getting booked up, at that part in the year when my available dates is slowly closing, so if you’ve been thinking…”oh i’ll get in touch with her a few months from now”, i’d encourage you to do sooner than later. 

all the love.

Blake & Cadence

// Family

whats better than one ooey gooey baby? 



my first time seeing fresh outta the womb twins and these teeny tiny joys….the photos dont even do it justice.

blake & cadence and the sweetest little things. 

Congrats to Ben & Amanda….so happy to see you two become parents.

Baby Blankets: from Pretty Photo Props on Etsy. (zommmmg they were so gorg)

Amanda’s Dress: ASTR Victoria Dress


I’m basically done taking on weddings for the remaining 2017, but will be booking Boudoir and Family Sessions from the Fall on. This shoot was a 1 Hour Family At Home Package….if you’re interested in getting some relaxed, at home, playful family photos, give me a holler.

Atticus is 3

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cool your ovaries, ladies. 

atticus is 3. 

i dont shoot kids. but when i do, they are little baby models like atticus. i’ve been shooting this baby since he was a baby. big boy is 3 this year and has a train party coming up.

good lord, if you got baby fever do not look below.

// Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 2015 // Andria Lindquist 201510

i go crazy over little boys. sign me up for one quick.

happy friday folks.