Miss Sloane

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a little girl came into the world, enveloped in love. 

her mama and family waiting expectantly. 

little miss sloane.

a month along, we shot some time at home. with the most gorgeous light you ever did see.

best thing ever.

pretty sloane will have something to say about the piglet costume when she looks back at these. we were dying.

i got to be there for the full journey. my first time doing so. the shower. the maternity. her first day in the world.   now her time at home. // it’s crazy to look back at the hindsight. shooting in the very same room when she was still in the tummy. now meeting her, seeing her scowl, hearing the conversation never leaving her as the topic. watching the smiles and coo’s. I have adore adored this process and went thru a semi-photo-depression now that its all over.

all my love to mama and sloane.


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well hello.

it’s been a little, where the deuce have you been andi pandi?

i’ve been here and there and a few spots in between.

i’ve been shooting heaps.

i’ve been moving…and happy to say all moved in our new place (which boasts an office for yours truly)

i’ve been trying out some new things editing wise

i’ve been going to bed pretty late and dreaming about some weird stuff

i’ve been almost dying from allergies

i’ve been wearing (2) feathers in my hair

i’ve been 4th of july’ing & taking a girl who’s back from africa out on a 3 hour talk talk talk sushi date

i’ve been super amped on what i’ve been shooting. like x’s 1000. as this time of year brings be back to couples i shot a few months back, well now it’s their wedding and we’re reunited and the past 3 weddings, I’ve squealed and screamed upon seeing my bride. you wudda thought i was being reunited with my long lost sister who was found at sea.

i’ve been loving everybody and everything and working hard.

i have not been blogging much though. so, in order to bring you a little up to speed and give love to everyone at once. i handpicked a few frames from my past weeks for you to see. 

this breaks my rule. i never. NEVER. edit our of order or grab a few images from a shoot before it’s their turn, but i made a few exceptions because i have been so in love with what i’ve been getting and i knew it’d be weeks before it’s turn to edit.

so. hope you enjoyed my rule breaking blog today. cheers.

howell family

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it’s kind of like hide and seek.


you can do what you do and you may even be good at it, but being found by someone that allows you to live right in the sweet spot of your craft, being found by someone who trusts you and wants to be a part of what you envision, being found by someone who somehow brings the talent out of you in a new way that words fail to tell.

and that’s what this day was about. i got found in the best way i could.

this beautiful family are fresh out of LA and now seattle residents. have lived a go-go-go life of jet-set travel, work work work, a love for music, met while working on the set of the movie, directing videos of some of the biggest names in music, creating a company that is out of her passion, came to seattle on whim for an opportunity……and then in the midst of living their passion, comes sweet Arlo. and that’s why they brought me in. and tiffany says he is the most incredible experience she’s ever been a part of.

this is their family.

stop right there. this images kills me.


king arlo.

these two, they know how to be in front of the camera.

i can’t explain the high i had after this session. a moment i’ll always want to relive, but never able to recreate. that’s what came to my mind as i drove away. and not just because of them, and not just because of me, but because when you get found in just the right way, two things come together and create something in just the way it’s supposed to be.

these are the days i love.

and once it all was wrapped, tiffany came down in an old led zeppelin shirt. and because i couldn’t stop….or didn’t want to, we shot some really gorgeous images of her that i’ll be showing tomoro.

so, i’ll be back tomoro with more of tiffany, her old raggity tee, and the type of light that makes me go crazy.


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ya i know it’s late. but better late than never, which….in almost no other cases really is an ok phrase.

i now feel very guilty if i dont shoot family events, but i also love to, so whatever. christmas is obviously the best time of the year. and the only time i spend days on end with everyone in my family. there are things to be captured.

here are a few moments from my christmas 2011 at home in spokane. some of these images ended up meaning more to me now than i could have known in taking them at the time. it boggles my mind at how special a little camera can be, how it can capture something that will no longer exist. for us, the last Christmas with both of my grandparents being there. these images are very very special to me. christmas, nor our family, will ever be the same.

this is what big brothers are for.

I’m sooooo excited i make THIS face!!!


just look at those lashes.


annointing my brother josiah.

josiah. crazy man. all boy. 10.

hope. girly smarty pants. sweets girl like her sister. 11. 

every baby needs pink fur boots. duh.

malachi “sleeping” with his pillow pet.

give me the bulb!!!

she makes the most outrageous faces. honestly Ava!

lindquist living room madness

this is the best jerky on the planet. eggers butcher, spokane.

patience my child.

gramma’s casserole. every year, for forever.

lindquist heritage.

he’s gonna shoot his eye out!!!

just look at that face!

papa loves that josiah got a gun.

just happens to be wearing a buck tee-shirt. makes us look so red-neck.

dad teaches.

if you ever wondered where i get my crazy weird personality. look no further. meet my dad.

me and my brother cj.

gramma marie.

little sister meggy, and gramma.

the best people i know.

my mothers father, also “papa” to us. and the best cowboy you ever met.

i love my family dearly. there is no replacement for these times we spend together, they made me who i am.

colfax trip

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in honor of the family weekend i have ahead, thought i’d show off a little Lindquist (well, now McPherson) blood. my sister, sister, brother and niece & nephew are visiting me for the weekend. aside from the fact 2 kids will be here, it will be our FIRST adult time together. no parents. no family, just the sibs. and in my favorite city. let the games begin.

not only can i barely tear my eyes away from these two, let alone put them down, it’s impossible to put my camera away. but i hear no complaints. i want to capture every moment of these two. i have no idea what it’ll be like when the kids i’m shooting are my own, probably wont ever get any work done. but hey, you’re only in colfax once every now and then…so snapping away is just very vital to me being a good auntie.

meet avalee and malachi. again.

also, a bit of news, my sissy is gonna be a mama x’s 3. which makes me an aunt 3 x’s over. which means there will be another perfect little face to shoot.

dont even think about taking these toys man.

somebody likes harry potter

don’t tell my brother. imma just chillin on his bed.

this is Ava’s thing. “uhhhh, i dunno” (raises her shoulder) – cutest thing ever!

perfect moment. omg. just look at her.

what’s a girl to do. just chill on the kitchen floor.

listen to me!!

her lovie.

showing his bad A tats. he saw auntie andi tryin out some, so he had to as well.

marshmellows and my brothers bed?! i live like a queen!!!

gimme my lovie!

chocolate marshmellow bunny

oh hi! it’s me, Ava!

spiderman. always.

dont mind if i do.

make sure you get my tats.

without me my realizing. malachi wanted to do this for his first shot. the same shot i took of him months back, and he knew he had everyone googley eyed…..the boys’ a ham.

fine, you’re not gonna feed me?! i’ll eat my brothers clothes.

what a freakin ham.

seriously malachi, what is this look?

i couldn’t love them more. not possible. at least til #3 gets here.