February 4th Boudoir Event

// Boudoir

you’ve been patiently waiting. 

and isnt it the right time. 

with valentines a month away. 

i’ve done the work for you. 


I’m putting on my first Boudoir Event is 1.5 years. last time i did this i was a minute pregnant and had to keep my little secret the whole day. now, i’m back and we’re doing it better than ever because I’m pairing up with The Ace Hotel and getting you on the sheets.

booking now.

there’s limited space, so if you want it. hop to it.

your boo will be glad you did.


this is how it goes down….

ace hotel

show up

get dolled up

drink champagne

get naked

get laced up

play music





have the best time

get images in time for valentines

he’ll be super happy

and you’ll look fly as ever


email: ShootMe@AndriaLindquist.com 

Ai-Li & Reid

// Wedding

sometimes you win the lottery on location. 

sometimes you win the lottery with the people. 

and sometimes those two things crossover and you win the jackpot with it all. 

and when that happens you make magic and feel high as a kite floating thru the day.



i never take that for granted and the fact that its my job…well, thats a bigger piece of the pie than i deserve.

starting on these two, Ai-Li & Reid. megamillion$.

2018 is starting to book up. I’m excited to see who becomes a part of this little family in the upcoming season. the mystery. the wonder. getting married? come find me. muah. 


// Portrait

one of the best things about photography is the feeling of bringing something into existence. 

a photo. 

that could be something you look back on. hold on to. remember. 

for years. something thats found generations later, in the hands of a grandchild. 

all because you were there and took the photo. 

and if you werent there or meet them. it wouldnt exist. maybe something else, but never that one. 

its a powerful thing and a wonderful thing. 


i love thinking about that. 

and its the same with a child. bringing something into existence. from one thing comes a life and without you it never could have been. maybe something else…but never that one.

thank you to those that create with me. its not even me, but she is fucking art. 

Cici & Cody

// Wedding

the winter has a secret and few get to see it. 

the most unreal light. and sure, you really have to endure the elements, but you get something you just cant get in other months. 


Cici & Cody and me just screaming my face off in amazement.


and that wraps my 2017 weddings. for all you sweet little darling that choose me to document your day: thank you. you put your trust in me and i promise that im gonna bring my best game. i’ll be drenched in the cold or barely able to press the shutter – but if you’re down….im there to try some stuff out and make beautiful little somethings of you on your wedding day. 


If you’re looking for a TEAM for Hair & Makeup on your wedding, i was blown away from Bridal Beauty Agency who did some insane work on Cici…her makeup was phenomenal on camera and lasted all day thru some intense elements.

Caylee & Jim

// Wedding

there’s some people you meet and you just know: we’re going to be great friends. 

and weddings are the same way. I read the email and i know: I’m gonna shoot the shit out of this wedding. 


and that’s Caylee & Jim.

from their first email, thru all the photos and ideas and excel sheets – i knew their wedding was going to one for the books. the amount of planning and manual labor these two along with friends and family went into their day makes me want to pass out. there was some incredible hands working towards this day and it was such a treat to witness it from start to end.

new york never does me wrong. 

I love shooting in the city. you can walk one block and its a completely new setting. if I’m shooting your wedding, its always my goal to incorporate *where* you’re having your wedding. no need to drive elsewhere or plan ahead. that’s the beauty of the city, the light and the people. the unknown and the searching….thats what i live for.

Working with couples who really stay true to themselves and their vision is so incredible and so up my alley. big big thank you to Caylee & Jim for trusting me all along the way and having me document their day.


Thank you to Emily for shooting along side me and being my pump relief.