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ok so the title is a lie. her guy is reid. but I just wanted to say it.

so as we speak, the documentary crew from Ohio is filming me work away in my apartment. writing this post. good times. they are here for 5 days, filming an array of things. interviews, filming me shooting, running to get my morning coffee. bladdity bla. it’s only day 2 and I’m exhausted, might have been because I’m out of coffee. either way, this is all new to me…but after about 3 minutes I forget they are here and just do my thang.

i wanted to show a little something from yesterday. the boys shot me while I was shooting boudoir at Ace Hotel, (that’s right, filming boudoir, heyo!) a very normal weekly thing for me. jessi had a whole array of vintage lingerie. it. was. unreal.

i remembered this week: quit frickin trying to speed through everything andria. what are you doing. be in it. enjoy it. i feel like I’m constantly going here to there and cramming in more than I should. but all of it, all of it, is good. i need to slow the eff down and enjoy what comes into my days. this wont be here always. be in it. lather, rinse and repeat. 

mini e-sesh: erica & nate

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there was this really cool hostel that was a ship. it was in Stockholm. I was on that boat one year ago. I read a little message, I just wanted you to know, Nate asked me to be his girlfriend, so we’re officially dating.”   formally asked her. good man.

then i got the call from nate to shoot his proposal to erica which i blogged HERE and was featured on Love Made Visible’s  blog last week which you can see HERE. well it’s time for an engagement session baby. just a mini one though. which we all know i don’t do quick, short, and fast very well. it’s just so hard.  i cant’. so anyway to erica and nate.

these two little love birds met last year. i was there. i actually witnessed it first hand. we were at the ballroom. brynn walked erica over to nate and said, “hey nate, this is erica, you guys should know each other.”  Then Brynn came back to me and we watched them talk. haha. since then, I’ve been around these two pretty much a lot. and as you can imagine it a very special thing to watch one of your best girlfriends fall in love. to be treated exactly the way she deserves. and to see the things she’s been praying for, specific things we’d talked about, be his best qualities. so the year has gone by and it was actually within a few months, i want to say, erica told me, i don’t know, i just feel like he is the one i’m going to marry,” and it’s funny because there are many thoughts around how fast you can know. or how much time is the right amount of time. oh if he or she should know first. but i just think, sometimes you just know. for erica, she just knew.

may 21st, 2011. her gut will turn into reality.  i’m so so over the top excited for this wedding. the first best’s friends wedding was a total life event for us and i know this will be as well. she and nate will be getting married down at her family’s vineyard. they have a wicked wine label Saarloos & Sons and the girls’ throwin a vineyard wedding. dude, we already got our dresses and they’re smokin.  although asked often by others, i will not be shooting her wedding. her photographers will be doing her actual engagement session down in CA soon. i totally advise those getting married to do an e-session with their photographer if at all possible. you get all loosened up and relaxed. you feel comfortable when your big day comes. either way, they wanted a few shots up here in seattle and one they can make a Save The Date from. perfecto. mini e-session done.

erica and nate already seem like a married couple. and while that kind of a joke around the house, it’s also something i really appreciate about the model they set in their relationship. it’s their consistency. she is the same as she is with us, by herself and with him. they are totally themselves with each other and like a steady train. their relationship is constant and unwavering. he is patient with her and he brings out the sensitive side in her (sometimes. haha) it was kind of like they met and fit. everything fit. they are perfect for each other. and i cannot wait to see the girl become Mrs. Elmenhurst.

here’s their mini e-sesh. erica’s little worrisome self of course was very concerned about a few things to do with the shoot.

 “andi its just too dark out, i know it is. we need to go i just think it’s too dark.” 

“did we get good ones.” “are you sure we got good ones?”

“did I smile ok in them?”

“can you make sure to get ones with our faces in it?”

oh sweetie just trust me. ok, i didn’t say sweetie. but still. here they are.

haha. here’s our typical erica.

love this.

session fav.

so we stopped off at the little spot these two met. oh how i love being able to add a secret meaning tucked away into my photos.

 how’d i do on the MINI session? haha. see. can’t do anything  get used to it.

*i know you ladies love to know what my girl is rockin.*

Makeup: Laura Mercier Counter  

Hair: Andria Lindquist

Dress: Ruffled, by Nordstrom

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Oh Sh!t, Were almost live

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word on the street is, we’re taking over NASHVILLE. 

i – we – are so effing-honky-tonkin-excited to take our tippy toes down to the south and see you ladies in the country city hunny.

if you saw our video yesterday, you know that this 3-day-branding/photography workshop+retreat, is a jam packed helluva good time. the mailing list is filling up, and we sure do hope you act quick and make the TOP 10 so you can attend.

remember, the last workshop sold out in exactly an hour, so get your mouse ready, 1oam (west coast) on monday, we LIVE baby. // those who are on the mailing list, will have first grabs to the spots, then shortly after, we will go live online and you can get a spot then.

1 2 Ray & Jessi // Andria Lindquist 2015 4

Remember to email //

TIP: word to the wise, we take our spots thru 50% payment to PayPal….so if you want to be extra ready, i feel like you know how.

we CANNOT wait, biotches.