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The more I shoot boudoir, the more it becomes about her and not about who she is shooting this for, if she is shooting this for anyone. 

it becomes less about the end result and more about the experience.

i work hard to allow women to let themselves go there. feel it. be there. not think about the end result. not lay there thinking about what does this look like and more about trust that i got’chu.

this was such an incredible session artistically. she booked my longest session and we got so much time to get into the groove, go slow and create some wonderful things. it’s also an incredible example of how unique lingerie brings such a bomb vibe to a shoot. i loved her choices and how they photographed. 

and the more i go on (and after becoming a mom and becoming so grateful for the body in a new way) I always say yes to the yes to the yes when girls do nudes. i have a whole ‘nother post about how my perspective with the body has changed from how i was raised – I’m comfortable with the body in such a different way and I love being able to create powerful beautiful nudes. you’ll never regret it.

Here’s a little word from the babe herself. hear first hand her experience with the shoot. 

I LOVE them and I sooo appreciate that you made a video too! These make me feel so beautiful, sexy, and empowered and I am so glad I have these for a million reasons. As much as this is going to make a kick ass Christmas present for my husband, this was totally a selfish endeavor too and I’m so glad I did it and chose you. I can’t remember if I said this after our shoot, but I feel like you’re the perfect person to shoot boudoir. You have great energy and direction, and you can tell you’re brimming with love and passion for your work and art and it’s just infectious. It’s just so clear how much you have your shit down from the customer experience and business perspective too.  I had so much fun shooting with you and this definitely won’t be the last one of these I do in my life.

I am booking into late February right now for all shoots, including Boudoir. I will be adding another Boudoir Event Feb 3rd – here in Seattle. If you want to get on that list for signups – add your email HERE.

Thank you to all the babes who hire and trust me to document you – its one of the most fulfilling things out there.



Black Bra Set + Highwaisted Brief // or on the Bluebella site. (ASOS has free returns, Bluebella is UK based)

Red Bodysuit

Green Set

Cage Skirt

Fishnet Bodystocking

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