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you see the result. but, with anything online you miss so much that goes on going into it. the energy. the vibes. the response.

i thought i’d share a little word directly from a clients mouth because….well, you hear from me enough.

but isnt it such a thing that you see something online, or a profile, you kind of imagine the personality or the experience, but you dont actually know. and thats the tricky part about the online world.

sure, you see gorgeous images, but what was her response. how did she feel. here’s a few words from K herself.


andria. omg!
i’m in awe! the way you shoot is breathtaking! i’m amazed at how sexy a clavicle, arch of the back, sideways glance etc can be. When so many females have self esteem issues, i’m so grateful to say that these photos give me so much confidence. Hell ya! Every girl needs this feeling! Thanks again for shooting these and making me feel like fire. My husband is gonna love these, and so do i.
EVERY woman deserves to feel alive in her own skin and own her flaws, be it stretch marks, cellulite whatever. I wish body image issues weren’t a thing, but they are. Pictures like this give me the power to feel grateful for my own body, stretch marks and all. So hell yes!!!

delivering images is such a fun day for me. as someone who’s been on the other side, i know all the hopes and imaginations that go along with finding someone you love, investing and booking them…all of it is so exciting, and you can only hope that the result is something you’re even more excited about. i work really hard and pour over your images so that the response and emotion you have to your imagery is top. it never gets old to me that you’re choosing me and you better bet that I’m working my ass off for 100% thrilled clients every single time.


As I’ve mentioned, my calendar is about closed until October/November. I am still getting a lot of boudoir inquiries for summer and i just dont have enough time in the calendar to book everyone….so I’m looking to add a date in August, not an event, not short sessions, but a day with some back to back shoots. 3 or 4 girls, everyone gets their own shoot, but this way, I can block out a day and not have to turn away you ladies that are looking for summer dates. Right now I’m looking at August 14th, a tuesday. // If you’re interested in grabbing one of those spots, email me ShootMe@AndriaLindquist.com

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