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just as relationships are more than the pretty face you see. 

a photographer is more than the images they turn out. 


i’m not sure if its really known, that when you hire a photographer, juuuust how much they will be a presence on your day. influence the most intimate moments. that who they are, their vibe, energy, will be there and influence the feeling right then and there. and just how important that is. and what it can feel like when its actually not there.

i guess we can start off by saying, maybe this will come off as I’m tooting my little horn a bit. and thats actually fine….but i always have the need to get out a little kernel if its been in my mind a lot. this thought stems a ton into what i teach at my Oh Sh!t, Workshops and was a huge part of what i taught in Sweden at Way Up North.


back to the point.

to each their own. and the reason why I’m writing this is because i think its something that may not be as realized…when you look for a photographer, it should be more than just about the photos. know that the energy, the personality, the direction, the emotion….will be what is there, what can get you to relax, bring up the big ol smile in those photos. i mean love does too…but its such a two way street. and to me, when i have a couple who i know value photography and want me there….there’s real no damn thing better than that, and the photos just come alive a little more than usual.

i’m really not doing this as a job. for money.

im doing it for the high. the connection. the coming home from a wedding and first thing waking up and getting the images in front of me. to edit until 11 the night before a wedding because i love having them in front of me. creating images when i know what they mean…thats what im doing this for.

whats going on behind these images, is yelling and directing and yelping and loving. there’s really no quiet moments coming from me. im gonna let you know you’re doing a good job. and as much as i want you to fall over with the images, i want the time we have together in person to rival those final images.

to me, yea amazing images are amazing images…..but if it was all mute and boring, it feels like a fake and a fraud…that shit has to feel real and fun and good. i feed off them, and thats how a beautiful little baby is made.  

that’s what i want you to know. yea maybe you like the images. but please also know how important it is feel that vibe, that connection. know that when you hire me…i dont want to just be there for your good photos. i want to be there for that two way street feeling like we’re creating art together. chasing that good light. and laying down on rugs in front of your entire wedding for a bomb ass shot.

i got you boo. and it aint gonna be by accident. 

tamra & daniel, you have sweet sweet love. thank you for choosing me.

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