RPTE 2014

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today we went out into somewhere who knows.

stopped, got out, went down back roads and took portraits, family portraits. it was incredible and emotional.

being here has been great. in a pack, not the norm for me, but i love it.

cambodia is gorgeous. there is so much life in the people.


here’s a tiny look.

taken by a 5 year old.

very good.

if you want to follow more of the trip, look for #RPTE2014 on Instagram.

  1. Catherine

    every single photo gives me this weird, heavy feeling in my chest. i could almost tear up at each one. god blessed you with such an amazing gift, andria.

  2. Rachel

    So friggin’ beautiful!! Makes me want to get on a plane right now.

  3. Mom

    Seeing the joy you are bringing to these children makes me tear up and the way you capture even aslight smile from some of tese people makes me realize how much of a Blessing you are to so many. You have such a gift and I love you are getting these opportunities to use it. Im a proud Momma Andi. thanks for sharing.

  4. Sara

    These images are so full of love! Utterly awesome images!

  5. Jonathan

    Andria these are incredible!! remind me to always count my blessings!

  6. Diana

    Andi – I get to hear about your life through your Mom. I am always amazed at your talent and the way that you use the gift God has given you to touch so many lives. Thank you

  7. Asia

    these pictures make my heart melt

  8. Reagan

    This is a beautiful series. My husband and I were there almost a year ago, and it is truly a special place with special people. I hope to go back again, and I’ll be sure to bring my Lensbaby – those images are incredible at Angkor!

  9. Sarah Collins

    These pictures are so breathtaking. I loved every one.

  10. Charis Fishter

    Gahhhh these are beautiful. They make me so happy, I can’t even describe it. Yowza, God’s on these.

  11. Calista

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I am now stalking that hashtag on Instagram. Beautiful.

  12. Bobby Earle

    I just keep staring. I love how you see this country.

  13. Anja

    Such beautiful people. The children. The children. They probably almost never would have had these pictures taken otherwise and they will treasure them forever. Wonderful.