1. Julia

    This is… wow. Beautiful photos, they look genuine and just… pop!

  2. Iris

    Hot and haute. I’d skip eating too to play with them.

  3. Tori

    I honestly have no CLUE how you get your skin tones like that?!? These are abs perfect! I know you use VSCOfilm but I just can skin tones out. These are incredible!! You ace every shoot. This is no exception. Perfection.

  4. angela

    WOW. these are great shots. love them all.

  5. erica reiling

    MAJOR!!!!! omg the bike shot.

  6. Lisa

    I’m dying to know what happened! Was it a spontaneous proposal?

  7. Kristyn

    UM. WHAT THE HECK. these are freaking killer, andria!

  8. Brynn

    OMG LOVE!!!!! Sara lookin HOT babe!!! I cant wait to see the rest!

  9. Ashleigh Barrett

    Wow!! Amazing photos!!! They are seriously the HOTTEST couple ever!! Your so talented Andria. Your images always blow me away!

  10. Sara

    ANDRIA!!!! OMG you are the most talented photographer ever! Ever. Chris and I are blessed beyond belief to have been able to shoot with you – thank you for the blessing that you are and for sharing your talent with us. We love you and feel so lucky to have gotten to work with you. Thank you a million times over – God has given you an INCREDIBLE gift and you are simply the BEST. Can’t get over last night… magical! Love you! – Sara and Chris

  11. mike

    looking forward to seeing these.

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