1. Kelly

    Love this Andria! You should ‘get things out of your head’ more often ; )

  2. abbey

    love seeing this kind of work from you again andria. :)

  3. Suyapa

    And this is why I think you are so wonderfully gifted…I can’t wait to meet you, Miss Andria. July can’t come any sooner…

  4. Steven

    Wow, your pics are really awesome! I love the kind of your pics!!!!!

  5. Larissa

    oohhh Andria….i loooooooooooooove love love your work…i´m always speechless <3
    hope to see and shoot with you one day.

  6. Anja

    Flag hanging out of back pocket = FAVE.

  7. Rachel Soh

    Omgoodness, I can’t handle the amazingness of every single one of you photos! You’re the only photographer that somehow inspires me afresh with each new post.

  8. Anjali

    love the colors! that red beanie really pops :)

  9. Elizabeth Kathryn

    I just watched a seminar on fine art portraits and the whole time was thinking, wow that male model looks REALLY familiar… After coming back to your blog to adore some more of your photos I realized where I’d seen him before, HERE! In these BEAUTIFUL images. You are amazing.

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