// Engagement

i have so much i want to say. to show.

but im late. im late.

i feel like that rabbit on alice in wonderland. i’m not actually late, but i feel like im always on the cusp…running behind the train of my work, juuuuust barely grabbed the last handle to hop on.

but i’m really enjoying it. that’s the good part about loving wholeheartedly what you do.

i just returned from the last week in arizona for a gawjuss wedding. i have 2.5 days til I leave again and time to snap to it. but i feel bad, my poor little blog is like crying, you never pay attention to me! so i said to myself, give that thing 5 minutes and show what you’ve been up to.

my days are looking like: trying to get up earlier. // trying to go to bed earlier. // not feeling bad for taking time to make food that is fresh, raw and incredible for my health. // possibly showering // booking flights // hella emails // taking vitamins (liquid b-12, get on it!) // watching the Truth Project with my guy // planning my sisters bachelorette party // juicing // and peeing a lot // editing like a boss // early am…talking 5 and 6am shoots // and dying to write a blog post about food, and changes and all I’m incorporating into my health+life (coming soon, i swear1!) // and spending HOURS upon hours prepping, writing, commenting on the design of my new RE-BRAND going down. //

these are very exciting times folks. now its back to work for me!

here’s a gobbling of images from some previous shoots to fill your eyeballs with. 

hope your week is going well. today is my monday and tomoro is my thursday.

  1. Hannah

    Your work always fills me with happiness =) Love all the tilt-shift images. I totally get the “chasing the caboose of your career-train” feeling, it sucks but I think we’ll both make it ;) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Dirkje

    The amount of effort you appear to put into your shoots is really commendable! And the benefit of doing so shines through. Sometimes I look at a photo and I think, but she’s SO far away from them, it must have taken ages to get there! I love looking at your blog posts, never boring and always such a great addition to my day! Thank you!

  3. Ashley Dru

    You little busy bee! Can’t wait to see the new re-brand and the rest of these photos! You are a rock star!!! And yes please, I’d love to hear about the new health diet too!

  4. Jessica

    oh my goodness, every one of these is perfect.

  5. Lillian Rachel

    I definitely know that rush-about feeling! These images are really delicious. :)

  6. Hannah Nicole

    mmmhmmm. beautiful. can’t wait to hear about the changes in your life + experience your rebrand (sure to kick butt) + see the stories of all the couples you’ve been shooting.

  7. Kym Van der Stoep

    GAH – I love that second one. I love all your images! They always look A-MAZ-ING

  8. Kristyn

    annnnnndi. girl. those shots be da BOMB DIGGITY. ;) can’t wait to hear more about what’s been going on in your life & the changes you’ve been incorporating into your lifestyle!!

  9. kayleigh

    that second picture down.. OH MY GOD. too good, your talent is so inspiring!

  10. Kathleen

    Can’t wait to hear all about your life changes! I have been juicing for a few months now and love it – and it has encouraged me to change my diet big time. I am so curious to hear about the b-12 – please, do share!

    And, of course, lovely pictures. As always.

  11. mike

    That 50mm frame of the bride?

    That’s the one.

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