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a few months back, i had my lovely andy & yoko’s wedding in tulum.

i couldnt have wished it to be any better than the wedding was. except my sweet prince got to come along, so it actually was better than i could have imagined.

i go to so many wonderful places, 99.9% of the time, its just me solo. so this was especially special for me. i dont want to say it, but i shoot better when he’s there. i do. there’s comfort in knowing the one you love is a few feet away, all while I’m doing what I love. those two together, pretty powerful for me. 


last night, in talking with him about growing and how my business is changing. he explained, well dont worry about me, you can work late and see me less, its ok. and while i appreciate that, its quite opposite of what I’m wanting. to me, success is not having so much work i never get to see friends and family, and spread so thin I see my boyfriend for an afternoon. no. i feel so blessed to have him in my life and for those 2+ years of growing my business while single and not even entertaining the idea of a boyfriend, i am not in those days any more. i get to choose what success means to me, i have to work to make sure that i am balanced, so i keep on loving all these areas.

having someone to love, has only helped me in my business. i work harder when i work because my time is valuable. i cherish a weekend we can have together. i have a sounding board to throw my ideas and thoughts of growth to. and in the rare chance that i get to have him along to another land I’m shooting on, I get to experience that warmth when the two things I love very much, collide. it cant always be that way, so i’m so thankful for the few times it can.

here are some moments of our time spent together in tulum.

sometimes i think mexico is overdone. but then driving down the tiny road leading to our bungalow resort in tulum. i immediately knew this was my kinda mexico. quaint. authentic. romantic. some of the best food. i cannot wait to get back.

with some very guided instruction, the babe is learning to shoot. so we dont end up 7 years down the road with a huge collage of only his face.

  1. Meredith Adams

    beautiful photos. And I totally know what you mean – I’m giving Trevor my camera once in a while to take photos of me, too! He actually has an eye for it – and so does CJ! looks like a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whitney

    This is wonderful, Andria. I share your sentiment completely. Love and family are everything. It’s so exciting when we start to build our own and seeing how it changes us. Gorgeous images as always!

  3. Erin

    wow! beautiful shots! love the rich colours and looks like you had a blast

  4. jocee

    these are the coolest photos. and that is one huge… i forgot the proper term… lizard. let’s go with that. ;)

  5. Asia

    OH MY GOODNESS. these pictures are a dream. so in love with this set!

  6. Jacob

    Please stop being so good : ) I’m reading your blog instead of writing my essay.

  7. Annie Richardson

    I need to teach my love more, for the same reason. Especially because he doesn’t like to be photographed to begin with, haha.
    In the photo of you sitting in the doorway in the black cover-up you are channeling some serious Zooey Deschanel. love those big blue eyes.
    What a lucky thing for you to get to enjoy. :)

  8. Callie Joy

    These are just too wonderful. CJ in that suit is kind of the flyest thing I’ve ever seen.
    I’m so thrilled by the direction your life is taking with this handsome guy, I’ve sat across from the both of you at a table, and I can say that your love for each other is so visible and such a beautiful thing to see.
    Brilliant work, sweet thang. You make Mexico even more beautiful.

  9. Dallas

    One of my favourite posts you’ve EVER shared. Thanks for showing us this wonderful part of your life. You two are so beautiful together—the photos you’ve taken each other show your love so magically.

  10. Christine

    Oh my gosh. The colours and shades in this post are simply simply amazing. The sky looks incredible in these shots. Its nice to see more photos of you, too. Thanks for sharing your own vacation shots.

  11. Cristal Veronica

    These are so lovely. And I cannot agree more that having my love close by changes my work for the better. There’s something so special and soothing about having that connection near me that my work is pushed further. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Em

    absolutely stunning photos!
    I just want to go swimming in that delicious blue water.

  13. Meghan

    Ohhh Andria, “so we don’t end up 7 years down the road with a huge collage of only his face,” I also wish for this lol. Love it ;) and LOVE Tulum!!

  14. Kym Van der Stoep

    oh wow – love these. the colours are amazing!

  15. wreckless

    Gorgeous! Stunning. Also, I’m not ever giving up on you for a VagabondBond blog post. :)

  16. Robert Austin Fitch Photography NYC

    What a fantastic group of photographs….so atmospheric and real. They make me want to book a flight tomorrow. As always, absolutely beautiful work! Cheers, Rob

  17. Claudia

    oh my goodness, way to go girl! your prince is very supportive, which is quite amazing. and he’s gorgeous, if i may say so! :) just as you, my prince is also learning his way into a camera and once in a while we get to go out together shooting some place. i’d love to go to this place here… dying for some time off in some place beautiful and new to us!

  18. Anja

    I love that he’s not camera shy, that he understands and supports you. He’s doing a great job with the TS – I’m impressed!

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