Levi & Esther: Wedding in Australia

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my sweet sweet dear darlings. esther and levi. and their whole crew.

as i continue down my path, it becomes more and more evident…these are made for me. these weddings, where i see my bride across the airport. is that her? they bring me in, and i get the front seat view into their lives. days spent together. breakfasts. shopping. being right there as the days are counted down, leading to the day.

because i’ve learned, its one of the best ways to document truly. know them truly. and that comes with time. time spent together. i’ve had a taste and now it just seems there’s no better way to do it. the relationships I’m able to form, are unbeatable and changes the way I document them. 


gracious. easy going. they’ve been together for years, since their youth. there is so much security and shared life here. joined deep at the heart, they do not always have to be side by side. they just fit, they’ve become very muh a unit.

a beautiful day in the darling town of strathalbyn. bed and breakfasts. things done by hand. a perfectly relaxed and enjoyed day. there’s nothing better.

the wedding day .


natural spotlight. love ’em.

one of my favorites. of all time. good lord.

so many thanks to these two for hosting me in their home and showing me so much australia goodness.

and many a thanks to tumblr for randomly allowing fate to bring us together.


all my love. 

  1. Hannah Nicole

    OH MY WORD. andria. these are insane. killed it, lady. beautiful through and through. building relationships and making photos that matter.

  2. Karen

    Always blown away and inspired by your work. You are so talented it’s out of control.

  3. MELISSA .

    Andria, this is by far the best thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on. My favorite of all your work. You are so incredibly phenomenal at what you do! Inspiring and delicious. I just cant say enough!

  4. Sara

    My favourite wedding that you’ve done. Fer reals.

  5. Emily Vermaat

    I got the chills, this was so great to scroll through!!

  6. Alicia

    Such amazing pictures! and an even more beautiful bride- she reminds me of michelle dockery in downton abbey!

  7. rachael

    oh wow. wow wow wow. these two are perfect.

  8. Amy Nguyen

    she has a beautiful smile.

  9. katie

    These photos are stunning! Especially loved how you captured the groom with the tear coming down his face. Gurrrrl you are gooooood.

  10. Catherine

    Ahh these are GORGEOUS ! Anyway you need to come and explore some more Australia (maybe Darwin ) 😉

  11. Rog

    these are good Andria.

  12. simi

    this is quite possibly one of my favorite works of yours so far. I am absolutely blown away by the images you captured…so, so brilliant, andria. xx.

  13. valerie


  14. Kym Van der Stoep

    Wow – I love everything about your photos. You capture everything so well. I’m glad you enjoyed my country – Aussie land 🙂 It looks familiar. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  15. Anne Verheul

    You are so good. It scares me a little

  16. Kristyn

    THIS WEDDING. my word, THE FEELS. you did a fantastic job, andria.

  17. Julia

    I love your wounderful wedding documentations so much. I always have tears in my eyes, looking at the fotos. You absolutely capture the most beautiful moments.

  18. lauren

    oh my gosh. oh my gosh. your best work by far. holy moley whoa.

  19. Meredith Adams

    HOLYYYYYY. These are beautiful and incredible and amazing and SHE is beautiful and has such a classic beauty and they look so in love and happy and this is perfect. whoa.

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  21. Haz

    This set is amazing.. My favourite of all your wedding shoots. Just breathtaking.

  22. James

    Real, real special. She’s got style and grace, that girl.

  23. Hanneke

    IN LOVE!

    And how beautiful is that bride! 🙂

  24. Em

    oh my word. word. word. WORD. i can’t express how freaking GORGEOUS these are. you captured it all so well.
    just got to say, her dress is perfection and they are absolutely adorable.

  25. mike

    that dress…

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  29. Linda

    I am in love with this wedding dress. It is so refreshingly different from all of the cookie cutter dresses I see these days. And what lovely photos of such a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Rob

    Amazing work! Really great set 🙂

  31. Guillermo

    Congrats for the wedding ceremony and the blog!