Nick & Ash Wed // Florida

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they knew each other, but didnt notice each other.

but then they did, notice.

only shortly there after, ash left for an 11 month trip around the world.

so their relationship began, grew and occurred all over skype, calls, letters and nothing in person.

by the time she returned, it only took one day of being in each other’s presence to know they were both in.


nick and ash have an all out, giddy-cant-get-enough-best-friend-soul-mate kind of love. i actually haven’t seen something quite like it ever.
and so it is only appropriate they they create a wedding unlike i (or anyone else) has seen either. months and months, she, them, her family and friends have searched, rescued, found, refurbished, collected. all to hand-make EVERY single piece of their wedding by hand. from mind to creation.
before i went down to FL, nick & ash explained their idea of a wedding was to bring the community together, have everyone involved. create a community wedding.
i arrived on the scene a few days before it all went down and was able to join in on the creating, as well as capturing the process building towards their day.
ash designs for anthropologie and nick, a musician, and equally as creative — nothing was not touched or sculpted by these two. i honestly cant believe it all got finished.
and so, these two – with much help and dedication – managed to create one of the craziest hand-made with love weddings I have ever seen. 

shooting while riding, not the safest thign i’ve ever done.

oh surprise! ash wrote a song for her vows to nick. NBD.

it all started with an email to me, “wishing on a chance…” – although it was nothing of a chance that i got to meet and document this wedding for these two. for this community. really, this is what I want to be about, being brought in to tell a story, be a part of it all.

something a little unconventional, sign me up. 

  1. Jacob

    Your ability to tell the story, and let us see into the lives of those that are about to be married is a beautiful thing. It is real, raw, and redeeming.

  2. Jacob

    Your ability to share narrative, and allow us to peek into the lives of those about to get married is a beautiful thing. It is raw, real, and redeeming.

  3. Inês

    wow. absolutely wow. if you made a 10mn slideshow with this and some sweet tune I would watch over and over 🙂

    they’ve put together an awesome wedding. congratulations.

  4. Jessica

    Absolutely stunning – gorgeous – perfect!

  5. Mikailah

    whoa, Andria, these pictures are perfection. wow. brought tears to my eyes just looking through them. 🙂 sosososo beautiful. x

  6. Ryan

    WOW!!!! This has to be one of the most amazing weddings I have ever seen and one of the best shot ones I’ve seen. This is incredible Andria. Congrats to Nick + Ash. I am flat out speechless about how amazing this is.

  7. Kristyn

    gorgeous couple, beautiful wedding. xx.

  8. Paula

    You really lucked out – what a beautiful couple with such a strong community! This must have been a dream to photograph, and your pictures captured their magic perfectly. Don’t ever quit!

  9. Charity

    the shot of her putting on the yellow shoes…so good!

  10. Holly

    Wow, what an incredible wedding and how special to be a part of it. Love the shot with the couple on the bridge, the sky and pool are gorgeous.

  11. Catherine

    SAYA WOW ! these are incredible, beautiful, genuine photos – just the way i like it !

  12. Andrea

    The pictures with the setting sun are ILL GIRL!!!!!! So so awesome! You rock my socks off.

  13. Fyn

    This must have been the most wonderful wedding. You captured it perfectly!

  14. Tuomas Mikkonen

    Amazing! Liked everything about this set! Your post work is so cool!

  15. Emily

    Looking through your photos sends shivers down my spine! You are such a huge inspiration to me – I want to document how you do! Every event is like a fairytale and I absolutely adore your style. Thank you for doing what you do best and sharing it with the world 🙂 This wedding looks truly magical. I’m dreaming!

  16. Erica Rose

    Wow. Truly, I don’t think anyone has ever seen a wedding like this! What an amazing day to be a part of…and you captured it beautifully!

  17. Sara

    amazing, amazing, amazing!

  18. Lauren

    This fits you like a glove.
    You have a God given gift.
    You captured the light so deliciously during the wedding.
    Sweet Lord. Takes my breath away every time, and brings tears to my eyes- for people I don’t even know.

  19. esther

    that shot of her in her wedding dress wielding a drill – LOVE it. haha xx

  20. Mom

    Perfection once again, A beautiful story and you captured it so well. They were so Blessed to find you…never seen anything like this before and I couldnt wait to scroll down to see the next image..

  21. Hannah Beasley

    Your work is beautiful as always. =) And wow, what an amazing wedding! I think that is so neat that everything was handmade…how very special.

  22. jose

    This is Amazing, Stunning. absolutely beautiful

  23. rachael

    oh lordy, these pics definitely made me tear up! my faves included the bikes and the bride/couple amongst the flowers. simply beautiful. they are so in love.

  24. dk

    it took me more than one visit to go through these pictures. absolutely amazing. you continue to inspire and influence my work.

  25. Claire Nassutti

    Andria – your work always makes me feel as if I were in attendance but this wedding in particular struck a chord. your love for your people and this work is palpable and i enjoy so much following your progress. thank you!

  26. iván

    Bonita historia ..

  27. Marissa

    Such a beautiful set of images. Totally captures the immense amounts of love they feel for each other. Fantastic job.

  28. Brittanny

    I just had a really hard day/night/morning and coming back home and seeing this blog post up on my browser made me cry (in the best way). It is beautiful seeing two people who love and cherish each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. I hope to have that some day.

  29. mike

    so real. love it.

  30. Anja

    Extraordinary & exquisite. What a story. So special.
    “shooting while riding. unsafe” LOVED it.

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