1. jocee

    epically gorgeous.
    also, if you don’t like the mark iii, i will SO take it off your hands!!

  2. Jessica

    ditto jocelyn. this is beautiful (and i will take the mark iii.)

  3. liana

    yes. yes. yes. lavendar looks great with your skin tone.

  4. Catherine

    I love that photo, and just let me know if you ever want to give it away ;)

  5. Kristyn

    um hi, i would love your camera. k bye.
    and this is lovely.

  6. Jaakko

    Well, that’s amazing photo! So you prefer 5D mark II?

  7. Kai

    Wohoooo, nice pic. So, why dont you like your 5d mkiii??

  8. marc

    Groovy photo!

    I remember reading that you thought the Mark iii was too smooth looking (or something like that). Have you tested it out with the High ISO speed NR turned off? I dig mine…but I never had the Mark ii!

    Also! Keep that dude shooting!

  9. Fyn

    I’ll just line in with those who would take that mark III any time :D The image has a beautiful flair :)

  10. Charity Sarah

    I am crying in my closet as well. Crying at the fact that you have a MKIII and don’t use it?!?! What camera do you use normally?

  11. Gabriel

    Gorgeous, Andria!

    How do you like VSCO 03? So that means that you moved over to Lightroom 4?
    I remember you mentioning in the VSCO video tutorial that you tried Lr 4 and you weren’t happy with it so you went back to Lr 3.


  12. Rachael

    Oooh I LOVE this purple & the necklace! Stunning.

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