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just got my little self to Australia. so good to be back.

esther and levi are getting married.

one of my most favorite things about weddings in a far off land. is getting there days prior and getting the hometown tour. grabbing sushi in a favorite spot. seeing the secret garden.

being there to shoot a few days prior. i just love it.

hey anyone in melbourne? have some recs of things to do or places to eat? I’m heading there in a few days.

  1. Jessica

    ahhh, love these. excited to see more shots of your trip. xx

  2. Kristyn

    mmm, can’t wait for more photos! :) lovely shots.

  3. charlie

    These are wonderful! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. James

    Hey Andria, check out Movida or Mamasita in the heart of the cbd when you are in Melbourne :)

  5. Chloe

    Go to St.Kilda on the tram. Also go Carlton and walk along Brunswick Street. I’m actually in Sydney, so I have many Sydney suggestions if you’re here!

  6. griottes

    Ohhh ! Where is the secret garden ? ( i know its a secret garden, But i love to see it !! ) thanks a lot !

  7. Tetyana

    I’m in love with your pictures and Australia! :-)

  8. JMEisenbrey

    I stumbled on your work
    Truly lovely

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