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trying out a little VSCO 03.

film pack came out a few days ago,  a collection of over 115 film emulations inspired by Polaroid, Fuji and The Impossible Project.

because we cant always have the images we shot digitally, on old rad film.

more to come…it’s late and why am I even editing on a saturday night?  oh yea, cuz its soooo fun.

VSCO has done another mighty thing.

additions to come.

  1. Mom

    As I look at these images I am in ahhhh that this is my daughter’s work….Andi you are AMAZING and you just get better and better..CJ did a nice job with such a lovely subject to shoot…you are Beautiful.

  2. Stefan Hellberg

    Amazing, got the pack as well. Looking forward to try it out. Thx for the inspiration.

  3. Hannah Nicole

    totally on the fence about buying the third pack, but ooooh. I love the tones here. (out of all three — which would you recommend? I have the first and am sooo ready to buy the second)

  4. Whitney Lane

    Love how you own the film look. You make me want to completely change my editing style

  5. Grace Taylor

    VSCO cam – no matter which pack – is on my to-do list. Or, more appropriately my to-buy list.

  6. Jessica

    ahhh, these are gorgeous. lovelovelove. i already have 02, but i am definitely considering purchasing 03. x

  7. twiggs

    love!! when i got their email about the new pack i was all excited! i have vsco 2 and love it. it made me grow so much with my own taste, creating other presets from those. and these seem so soft and pretty, almost like in a dim light, that is truly magical!!! ps. loved that your mom left you a comment! ah!

  8. Angeline

    I have pinned your beautiful work, hope it’s ok.

  9. Tim

    beautiful shots, really cool use of the presets Tx

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