Asia // Vietnam & Thailand // Part 2

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isn’t it crazy, that right now. all over the world, there are completely different ways of life. cultures. people. events. going on.

that’s something that, one of those wild wonders, i can never get over.

and the more i travel, the more that becomes more mind blowing. it’s also a reason why i travel. the impossible eye opening you have to different lives, cultures. respects. traditions. that’s the beauty in traveling beyond your zip code. off a plane and into the culture and way of life of another. a month is such a short amount of time. it takes time to really start seeing trends and understanding why they do what they do.

its so beautiful. seeing how you can walk past the bubble of what a tourist does, and really see the culture. see the people. having my camera gives me that curiosity, the ability to walk around corners i wouldnt otherwise, explore a little deeper. because i am lucky enough to be able to capture what that was and bring it back. 

having this camera makes me such a more curious person. braver. it’s almost of my duty to capture what i see. because it doesn’t last. the least i can do is grab what the spot in the world feels like. because a picture can only do its best justice for the smells. the interaction. the feeling of a place. 

it’s my duty. show the parts that get overlooked. little details having my camera forces me to see.

gosh. what a beautiful concept. and that’s why i will always do what i can to take the time, make the time, to travel and see the world. see the people. experience it. every year. this is only the start. my hope is to look back, when I’m 73 and telling my grandkids about beautiful places and cultures i’ve seen. and inspire others to make time to do the same.

travel, impacting how i see people and where i put value to in my own life. 


this is the second part of our trip to Asia. tonhya and i left the Philippines and tried to find something to beat it. nothing did. but that’s ok. vietnam and thailand. had some incredible food i want to get back to. learned more about another culture. had many massages. shopped markets top to bottom. rode an elephant thru the jungle-mountains.

pretty incredible.

vietnam and thailand. Mui Ne. Koh Samui. Koh Phangan. Chiang Mai. Bangkok.  completely, jumbled. not in order.

that one moment before we thought we may die. vietnam. good times.

in the mountains of Chiang Mai. road side coffee shop, hand-made wood furniture. one of the most stand out moments.

Asian Oprah. am i right?!

ringside tickets. best idea and incredible night.

what a trip.

couldnt have been happier to travel this with one of my best friends. Tonhya. we had so many laughs. crazy meetings. food overloads. disgusts. indecisive decisions. dream reporting. beach lounging. fruit discovering. talking and missing our guys. camera trekking. moments of wonder. and i’m so glad, out of everyone…it got to be her and i doing this together.

to 2013, and the places i may go.

  1. dylan

    incredible.. I need to look at these 100 more times..

  2. Whitney Lane

    These are incredible! Both of these places are on my bucket list. I have seen so many images of both places but I love how differently you captured them and the things you noticed that really show you so much abou the cultures!

  3. Kelsee Reeves

    AHHHHHH!!!! These two countries! Oh they stole my heart two years ago. Your photos make me all homesick for places where my heart rested. Bangkok is such an overload for your senses isn’t it!?? I loved it so much!
    This post is wonderful my friend!

  4. Lauren

    You’re work is so simplistically beautiful, true art my dear, I love it 🙂

  5. Jen Bedrossian

    Amazing photos, Andi! These totally captured the beautiful culture and people. I want to go back!!! xx

  6. MELISSA .

    ANDRIA . dang . thankyou for sharing such remarkable photos! i lived 6 months in china and visited Chiang Mai while I was there and looking through these takes me back to that homeland of Asians i once knew . You’re wonderful at what you do .

  7. Meg

    What lenses did you bring on this trip? I LOVE your images. I can’t wait to see more. I always get excited when your blog pops up in my rss reader!

  8. Mom

    Amazing that we live i such a different culture. These are fabulous….the children melted my heart, I love your Elephant and was my goodness that is a crazy Hairdryer on that Lady’s head..What a wesome trip and you captured it all Beautifully.

  9. Emily Vermaat

    Wow, traveling is the bomb!

  10. Grace Taylor

    This is exactly what I dream of doing: traveling and documenting the world in photographs. It’s a mesmerizing and astounding feat. You record feelings and moments in photographs with an amazing aptitude. All of the stories behind these photos will make my heart explode!

  11. Noelle

    I spent a few weeks in Thailand a couple years ago and it stole my heart like I never expected. Your images are beautiful and made my heart swell just thinking about the beautiful culture it is! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Matthew Long

    I love this post Andria, particularly love the randomness of the image order, skipping from portrait, to street, to sport to landscapen to food etc. really conveys the soul of Thailand.

  13. Crystal (momaziggy)

    Long time viewer…first time poster! haha! Sorry cheesy but I couldn’t resist. I truly LOVE your work. Every.single.shot you take is amazing, interesting and engaging! Every shot draws me in and makes me wish I were there or that I was there! I cannot even put into words that fully describe what I think of your work! You are one of my very favorites! And your editing makes my heart swoon. I look at your blog regularly but have never posted. So I just wanted you to know you have another BIG fan out there!

  14. mike

    amazing, as always.

  15. Rachael McCall Clegg

    every single picture is incredible. Every.. single.. image. You should sleep well at night knowing you create such beautiful things. I mean that, and I do not say that often!

  16. Anja

    What. a. trip.
    Fave images: washing outside the house and the hair salon.
    Raw and gorgeous.

  17. Roseann

    Wow. Such incredible colors. Those elephants sure are photogenic, and the people are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to go.

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