Andy & Yoko // Engaged in NYC

// Engagement

in she walked with a friend. post mimosa brunch. ready to watch some football. yet it wasnt even the season. 

and there Andy was. 

a flash, a moment that would be the pivot, the beginning of their lives together. a day that would propel them forward with each other permanently in each others lives.

we can thank the lord for all you can drink mimosa brunches mixed in with a little bit of fate.


a few weeks prior to their wedding in Tulum, Andy and Yoko had me over to their place in Brooklyn for a few days.  gave me the insider tour of NYC. their favorite spots, hidden gems that only a native would know of. i adore, beyond anything else, being able to spend real time with my couples. it’s not something that can always be done, but a few times a year it works itself out for me to see a little deeper into their lives, their love. and i think it completely impacts in the most beautiful way how i document them.

this shoot could also be known as the coldest human experience of my life. we just kept repeating, mexico. mexico. two weeks. i’m surprised our extremities didnt fall off.

andy and yoko are some of the best people. i could go on. lets keep it simple and say two such as them, deserve each other and the most wonderful joyous life together.

our deli man. i mean really. the cutest man around.

and off Andy goes to work…so Yoko took me on a tourist tour. amazing!

a day into the new year, Andy and Yoko had a small ceremony with all of Ney York invited, in Grand Central Station. The New York Times happen to be their videographer. you can see it HERE.

i love the web that brings people to me. a few years back i shot a crazy awesome 18 hour Indian wedding. (also hey universe, i want to shoot another Indian wedding FYI) And Yoko’s sister was there. She relayed the word on to Yoko and that’s how it all began.

i just love it. and am so blessed to have such incredible people bring me along.


  1. Kelly

    Love love love this session. Feels like I was right there with the three of you.

  2. Erin

    Love this engagement shoot! You really captured both their relationship and the energy of NY. Awesome work 🙂

  3. Mallory Umino


    You are so incredibly talented. A true inspiration. Keep it up, and I hope to get the chance to work with you in the future. In both photography and for you to capture my wedding day/life one day.

    Thank you,


  4. Lauren Scotti

    STUNNING! Like, really. Wonderful, wonderful job!

  5. Charity

    stunning work as always. what a sweet couple!

  6. Atalie Simpson

    the black and white of them at dinner kills me.
    also are you selling any of these nyc prints?
    wanna get one for my momma sometime.

  7. Jessica

    oh, andria, every one of your engagement shoots leaves me breathless. this is fantastic.
    ( the alcove )

  8. twiggs

    such an amazing session, your work is stunning and it was like we were there with you!! her smile is so precious too and they do seem in love and happy to be together!!! congrats on the way universe works for you!!! you deserve it!

  9. Carly

    Oh my word Andria. Seriously SERIOUSLY you are awesome. What a beautifully told story!

  10. Grace

    I will always love the second shot. So creative – you’ve got a wonderful eye.

  11. Hannah Beasley

    WOW. I am always speechless at how gorgeous your photos are – and these are no exception. Totally amazing and perfectly beautiful. <3

  12. Madison

    what a beautiful couple. i love the shots taken at the grand central station.



  14. Robert Meredith

    Stunning again Andria! Every frame just oozes drama and feel. Inspiring. x

  15. Jess

    So beautiful. You capture love so exquisitely.

  16. nadine

    Seriously love every photo! So good.
    And their Grand Central wedding, adorable!

  17. Anja

    Andria, these are precious. Who was more blessed, Yoko and Andy spending quality time with Andria or Andria getting to see secret New York? 🙂 I love each and every single image… and the Deli man, well I can almost hear him speak! 🙂 Gorgeous set and beautiful use of VSCO ♥

  18. Tia

    Your photography is beyond, Andria! The way you capture happiness in the faces and body language of your subjects has got me mesmerized. I can’t stop scrolling through the images. Keep shooting forever and ever!

  19. Anjali

    yoko’s smile is so stunning! also, as soon as the universe and my man conspire to make it official, there’s at least one request to shoot an indian wedding coming your way 😉

  20. Roseann

    So much variety, I love your work! Thanks for the inspiration.

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