Happy New Year

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happy new year folks.

you’re 7 and the wood floor is cold and instead of a gentle wake from your mother. your older brother rips your blankets off. turns on the light and says get up and leaves. no choice is left.

that’s what this first day back to work is.

each year has gotten better and better. not a chance of fate, one bit. good comes from hard work, true heart. here’s to 2013.

but first, a sluggish start.

  1. Kathleen

    It is so true…no matter how much you love what you do, getting back in the saddle after a luxurious break is hard.

    Love your description of sibling torture.

    Happy New Year!

  2. rachael

    it is hard to get back at it. good for you that once you do, you’ll remember why it is you do what you do for a living! :)

  3. Michelle

    Me too. I got a sluggish start when I saw all the emails I had been ignoring over the holidays. So ugh.

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