fresh love.

// Love

being able to photograph those special to me. well, its a little morsel tucked up in my heart, in the corner and over to the right. 

this blondie often accompanies me to shoots, she is the one to doll my girls up. one of my makeup artists.

she is sweet sweet, spunky and i adore when she’s around.


chelsey and kevin are newly wedded. 

and didnt have too many images of them together. that’s blasphemy. 

all should have frames to peek at and enjoy. to capture their essence. especially in those newly wedded times.

so we took care of it.

okay now.

wait, what?! TAKE TWO! 

….lets add another because i want to and i’m in charge.

back in the fall, a gal and her fella had a trip planned out to seattle. so she gave me a holler to see if we could meet up.

little did i know, the afternoon before our coffee date….dylan here, would be proposing!

i saw their engagement pop up on FB. wait, is this the right sara & dylan? holy balls. shoot, will i be ruining their newly-engaged moments if we still meet up?

sara said nonsense. so we got to meet and chat. they are incredible photographers from boise.

i couldnt help myself but have to shoot them. i mean, they’d been engaged for a whole 8 hours. 

so, with 6 minutes til I had to leave, we walked a block and snippity snapped these two luv’burds. 

a convenience store never looked so good.

the cool part about both these shoots is they’re all taken in a 3 block radius of my apartment, in my apartment and in the alley. that’s not laziness…its just resourcefulness. i walk and see these spots and always want to throw a couple in there. so that’s what i did.

freshly married.

freshly engaged.

i hope you said to yourself, that’s some good love right there.

  1. Alicia Wines

    That’s some good love right there. for sure.

    Love everything you do – it’s so raw and fun. diggin it.

    Also – I follow Sara & Dylan’s blog – I have been a fan for awhile. so much goodness.

  2. jocee

    hey, it is some good love! you’re preaching, girl. and these photos? you really captured the raw emotions that they have for each other. beautiful :)

  3. Julia Manchik

    Double the fun! Love these! So sweet you met with Sara and Dylan 8 hours after the proposal.

  4. Andrea

    Impressive! Love the pic in front of the convenience make any location look dreeaamy!

  5. Whitney

    So, so glad you’re back!

  6. Jessica

    two GORGEOUS couples, and one brilliant photographer. love it.

  7. rachael

    these are amazing! both couples look so in love. you caught it, missy!

  8. Melanie

    Wonderful pictures, I instantly fell in love with your photos.. Keep it up <3

  9. LISSA


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