back in the saddle

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hello muffins. 

good holiday spirit to you. 

well I’m back in the US of A. back from asia and so so over the moon happy to be home. 

i returned to a nip in the air, a most magical seattle that is head to toe christmas covered. returned to someone i love (you read that right). returned to friends getting engaged. to hot drinks in hand. to cooking and baking and taking time to enjoy. returned to just the best time of the year.

returned and haven’t quite been able to shake this omgiveneverfeltsoblessedandhappyinmylife feeling. it just wont shake.

there are some firsts for me this season that have my joy-o-meter just 10+ and over.

taking a month off makes it pretty hard to get back to work, I’ll tell you that. but i’m embracing it. i’d gotten in the habit of shopping at markets and eating incredibly fresh food, so i’m on round two of doing all my produce/meats shopping down at pikes. i guess people in seattle actually do that. who knew, its not just for tourists. i’ve been eating not out of the microwave after 15 hour work days, but making everything from scratch and enjoying a damn good meal. i’ve entertained, with my first christmas tree glowing gold in the corner, with some of my best girlfriends sitting ’round. tearing up over newly proposed stories and actually investing in my friendships with a less care about my to-do list and more about the here and now.

it’s only been a week and good lord this has gotten me a new look.

it’s totally not realistic for my normal year/worklife to have this easy breezy emotion. but for now, there isnt anything that feels as good.

so i got back in the saddle last night. my first shoot. 

it’s been ages. and man it felt good. the color was unreal.

seattle, you pretty lady. you’re a good one to come home to. 

i’m sorry but would you rather be anywhere else than seattle this time of year? that’s a no.

so i’m hoping this christmas never comes, so we all can continue living in this happy joyful good jolly baking movie watching mitten wearing moments. 

i can’t wait to smear my asia trip all over this blog. (hopefully next week!) and get back to at least regularly blogging. this has been the longest drought in my entire blogging career.

i’ve missed you. 

i love you. 

merry freakin’ christmas. 

im back. 

get your game face on. 

  1. Keaton

    Super fresh. Wicked sweet. Merry freakin’ Christmas.

  2. Amelia Renee

    OHHH Andria. Gorgeous! So ecstatic to see your trip in photo-form, and so very glad that you’re enjoying life. This truly is the most magical, bestest-ever time of year. (:

  3. jamie

    why are you so ridiculously good?! love your stuff, andria.

  4. Andrea

    holy crud I missed your picturesssss!! That last one is unbelievable! You got raging talent. Also, the more I look at your pictures the more I want….no,NEED..a tilt shift lens.

  5. Moorea Seal

    Good GOD! These are SO stunning! That last one looks like its from a movie still of the most romantic movie ever.
    xo Moorea

  6. leonie.

    oh i love this post! entirely. and merry christmas to you from hamburg, germany!

  7. Clarissa

    love these shots and glad you’re back. makes me want to go to seattle even more.

  8. TJ

    Okay, I am completely obsessed with that first shot! The lighting is incredible! Definitely coming to you for our next picture taking ;)
    xo TJ


    good freakin lord i can feeeel your excitement. its vondeba. and so is this blog post. and all your blog posts. and your happy heart. and your magnificent self.


    AHHHH GLAD TO HAVE YOU BAAAACK. :))))) its decided. i’m moving to seattle. tomorrow.

  11. Allison

    I like these images (the metaphorical word-ones! and literal too.) a lot. A lot.

  12. Briana Morrison

    Beautiful photos! Your time in Seattle sounds absolutely blissful. Glad to hear your drinking it in and loving every moment of it. :-)

  13. Tyler Brown

    beautiful work OMG

  14. Fyn

    Beautiful! I love the colors. And the last image is so dynamic. ♥

  15. Jessica

    Amazing shots — I’m in love. So good to have you back! xo

  16. Anjali

    Whenever I need to convince anyone in Georgia that there is nothing prettier than a drizzly Pacific Northwest winter, I’m going to start pulling up your blog :)

  17. rachael

    i am SO excited that you’re back! can’t wait to see more of your shoots!:D welcome home gally.

  18. Mark

    You ROCK lady!

  19. LACEY

    I can just hear the joy in your typed words! Love this and this session is gorgeous. Seattle is amazing at Christmas-time and I wish to get into the city if I can. SO glad you got home safely, too!

  20. essie jane

    Wow, wow, wow. These are fantastic! The light makes me swoon…

  21. Kelsee Reeves

    I. Can’t. Wait. to see your asia photos! I spent two months in thailand and vietnam last year and fell head over heels for that area of the world! I hope you loved every bit of your time there!!

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