Jen & Bill

// Love, Wedding

once upon a time there was a lovely brunette who served at a local restaurant.

and there was a man who came in often. and everyone got to know him. he had a way of listening and making everyone feel like a good friend.

and he had noticed that lovely brunette.

he said he knew he wanted her to be his bride the first time they spent time talking.


so jen and bill got ready separately. waited til the big wood doors opened and that lovely brunette walked down the aisle for bill to see his bride.

it was a very good day.

good lord.

who would have thought the first time we met back in college, slammed in a back seat with too many people and into a dive bar in LA. that years later i’d be the one to shoot her wedding. love when that happens.

  1. abbey

    oh andria i love these. the light the colors the tone is just BEAUTIFUL. this couple is so blessed to have these images, wonderful job.


  2. Lisa

    Gorgeous images. What a beautiful wedding!

  3. Meredith Adams

    these are all so beautiful, so lovely, and so HAPPY <– my favorite part. how wonderful. amazing shots.

  4. Matt Long

    Stunning Andria, just stunning. Bill is a very lucky guy!

  5. Whitney

    Dimples! This gallery is so ethereal.

  6. Morgan Elise

    PERFECTION! lovely lovely amazing job 😀

  7. Annie Richardson

    This bride has a likeness to Mila Kunis. She’s gorgeous. And so are these images.

  8. emily chidester

    Amaaazing. Beautiful tones, beautiful couple, beautiful day.

  9. Grace

    Any bride and groom is super duper lucky to have you as their wedding photographer. You leave me speechless with your work in each blog post.

    The fifth shot is my favorite.

  10. mike


  11. Liz Lovi

    This whole wedding is freakin amazing.