Callie & Calvin: Married in Colorado

// Love, Wedding

those eyes.

what he remembered.

she opened the door for him. to his interview, at the same place she worked.

man, look at her eyes. 

then he got the job. and they became co-workers. friends. then finally, he asked her out. and their story began.

he never goes without being thoughtful to her, and she always makes him feel a priority, the center of her being.

and now, her eyes are only for him.


nestled at the bottom of a hill, near the mountains of colorado springs, in front of a big red barn.

hot damn.

i can’t even say how special it was to be chosen to document this day. but also their journey. we got to spend a good amount of time together documenting up to the big day. i am indebted to C&C for their trust and joy that was so evident in me being a part of their wedding.

it really was fate that worked out all the details. we were meant to be. to a bride who’d change her date to get me there and her friends and support surrounding to make sure that they had every thing they deserved in documenting their love. makes it so special, makes it such a treat.

and cheers to the newlyweds who now live in SE Asia. go get ’em.

  1. Kirsten

    STUNNING. Her eyes are incredible, too.

  2. Sharon

    not only does your photography tell a beautiful story, so does your writing. keep doing big things! (:

  3. Megan Welker

    I mean really, you document a day like no one else. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

  4. Quinn

    Wow, she is so beautiful. This is definitely one of my favorite weddings that you’ve shot! (and not just because you got to stay with us!) Great work Pandi. Love you

  5. Tonhya Kae

    love this wedding so much. great job lady pants.

  6. Liezel

    forget about picasso or van gogh…you are a true artist! WOW!!

  7. Holly

    These photos are amazing and you truly captured the essence of Callie and Calvin and the day so well! I see many “Callie” faces and expressions that I have loved seeing over the years of being her friend 🙂

  8. Katie Beth Huntley

    These photos are stunning! It’s wonderful to see Callie and Calvin so happy together. You caught all of the “moments” and thank you for sharing them!

  9. Jamie Epperson

    Not going to lie — teared up looking at that photo journey. absolutely stunning photography, what a great wedding:)

  10. Judy O'Donnell

    Truly georgous, and very creative photographs. We couldn’t be there for the wedding, and seeing it through these pictures has brought it to life! I really loved how many of the pictures show the bride and groom, representing newness of life and a new beginning, against the “old” backgrounds of the barn, silo, etc. And, just taking shots of things like the stove…who would have thought to do that? Amazing! I really got a feel for the atmosphere of the occasion!

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  12. Brenn

    Can I ask what this venue is called and where it is located?