W Seattle

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so across a bridge and around a corner, there is a whole different feel. a not so city, seattle part of town.

if you got dropped off and opened your eyes, you could wonder if you were down in californ-I-A. if there’s sun and warmth, in an instant the streets are packed with bodies. people on the beach. vendors counting cash. sand and ice cream. it’s a little beachy corner and a whole different vibe than most of seattle spots.

as my second go-around, i was hired to show the lifestyle of a neighborhood, that will be used to market new townhomes…this time, going in West Seattle. being hired for this by some of my best clients is like asking me to sit and eat my favorite meal surrounded by friends, and call it work. it’s a treat.

i will stand by seattle’s side til the end, so selling the city with images comes as an easy task.

it was hot, there were herds of people and i spent the day shooting friends. i call that a win.

this is life in West Seattle.

big thanks to everyone who put in a long day of modeling, eating cupcakes and hanging in the sun. what a rough day in the office.

  1. Kelly Stonelake

    Spotted: Benj Haisch. Nice work Andria, really beautiful images of a place I love!

  2. Jenny Linquist

    Okay those croissants can get in my belly. Also, love those double surrey shots, and the second to last. Beauties.

  3. Tonhya Kae

    i vote you do this full time. 🙂 you’re so good at it.

  4. Charity

    These are so full of life, summer, and PNW pride! So nice to see someone rep Seattle so thoroughly. love it.

  5. Chelsey

    This is so cool Andria! I am loving every shot. It inspires me

  6. atalie thronson

    So where do I get one of these townhouses?
    I Want to be cool like these people.

  7. Jenny

    i want to go there!! nice job!

  8. Whitney

    Love this. All of my favorite West Seattle haunts. I can almost smell the ocean air 🙂

  9. Julia Manchik

    Never thought of West Seattle looking like California, but you’re totally right! Such a fun vibe in these photos.

  10. Jakob

    You have an amazing eye, Andria. Seriously.

  11. Paige

    wow – totally feels like L.A. – nice stuff!

  12. Rachel Del Grosso

    These are lovely! I Especially love the second to last photo. Great job as always!

  13. jeff marsh

    very cool. i must get back there for some of that pizza

  14. Igor Demba

    So good Andria! Always wanted to visit Seattle, this just gives me hundred reasons more to do so.

  15. Janelle Montgomery

    Oh man these are killer! I want to hang them up on my walls! <3 <3 <3

  16. Nicole

    So good Andi! I agree with T- you are damn good at these. xo

  17. Kari Herron

    I must come back immediately and visit West Seattle. You make it look absolutely amazing…not surprising tho.

  18. Jennie J

    I have never seen Seattle look so fun! Spot on with the Socal reference 🙂

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  20. LACEY

    Man, I want to be at Alki! Wonderful, Andria!

  21. Stephanie Allen

    Andria I love your stuff so much!! It is so beautiful and amazing every picture is exciting and breath taking!! I can’t wait for my wedding day cause I know that I will be messaging you 🙂