Sam & Eunice

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somehow, some way. there are just some times where you’re inevitably completely enveloped in the day, in the couple. taken away from your ordinary, enveloped in theirs.

and it’s those days all you see is he and her.

their day is a story and being along side to document feels something so cherished.

frames of he and her at their high school dance. stories of how they are quite perfectly made for each other, supporting each other and understanding each others calling.

there are days you’re in it and enveloped in the start of their future, only there’s so much history leading to the point of even that day. i love those days, those couples that have me in.

taken away from the every day ordinary and enveloped in theirs. 

virginia humidity + wedding layers = groom becomes a human fan.

virginia is for lovers and damn good weddings.

sam and eunice nailed the whole get married at a bomb venue and see how it provides the most wonderful foundation for images. what a treat to shoot at Raspberry Plain. 

heaps of thanks to my right hand man for the day, Bryan. some of the above images are his.

and if you want to take a gander at their very lovely wedding video. check yourself on it below. shot by the talented Jeff Marsh. 

Sam + Eunice. Virginia Plantation Wedding. SDE. from 5 Mile Films on Vimeo.

  1. mike

    Very calming.

  2. jeff marsh

    fricken yes. one of the raddest weddings I have been a part of. You captured it so well. Was a blast to shoot alongside you and Bryan. Cant believe he drove all the way from Michigan. He is boss. I am still sweating from the heat. You rock. Well done.

  3. bryan

    This is wedding photography. Insanity.

  4. Charity

    stunning! I feel like I was there. Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous work on your part.

  5. LACEY

    Start to finish, amazing. I absolutely love how you capture every little detail.

  6. Taylor Roades

    Andria, I’ve been a silent follower of your work for a while and I am in love with this wedding. The shoe shot. LOVE IT. The shot of the guy just chillin on the floor. The bridal party in sunglasses (I didn’t know it was possible to do that shot with class!) and you totally have. I can’t wait until your next post. Seriously. I’m crossing my fingers that it happens tomorrow.
    Your biggest fan

  7. Justin

    Stupid Fricken Sick Andria! Love the shot by the electric meters!

  8. Shannon

    Every single detail I am in love with. This is a wedding to remember. No big flashy details, just real love, real class, and just a bit of real laid back fun! Glad you were there to capture it.

  9. anda

    omg the dog with the shoes — so good! i really love all of these though.

  10. Melissa Green

    these are some of the best wedding pics i’ve ever seen.
    well done, lady lindquist.

  11. Drew W

    Oh man this is freakin brilliant coverage Andria. I freakin love all the locations and how well you used them.

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  14. Mathew

    Wonderful work! So many incredible images!!