Miss Sloane

// Children, Portrait

a little girl came into the world, enveloped in love. 

her mama and family waiting expectantly. 

little miss sloane.

a month along, we shot some time at home. with the most gorgeous light you ever did see.

best thing ever.

pretty sloane will have something to say about the piglet costume when she looks back at these. we were dying.

i got to be there for the full journey. my first time doing so. the shower. the maternity. her first day in the world.   now her time at home. // it’s crazy to look back at the hindsight. shooting in the very same room when she was still in the tummy. now meeting her, seeing her scowl, hearing the conversation never leaving her as the topic. watching the smiles and coo’s. I have adore adored this process and went thru a semi-photo-depression now that its all over.

all my love to mama and sloane.

  1. mike

    Stunning, Andria.

  2. Charity

    perfection, every single one. gorgeous mama & lovely little one!

  3. heidi

    oh how I love these, and as a maternity/birth/newborn photographer myself, have completely enjoyed the journey.

  4. mandee


  5. Karina

    AWESOME! I´m so in love!

  6. Monique

    Love in detail & wonderful light…

  7. ally

    that outfit, probably the best baby thing i’ve seen.
    what a beautiful story told.

  8. Mariela

    Amazing! absolutely beautiful!

  9. Matthew Long

    what a beautiful set of images andria, I’m constantly amazed by your stuff.

  10. Blair

    Stunning as always lovely, and what a beautiful mama!

  11. Anja

    So precious. Sloane will trasure these, even the piglet ones! How wonderful you were there for a big chunk of the journey.

  12. Roseann

    These are incredible! So ethereal. Beautiful framing, beautiful light, beautiful mamma and baby. 🙂

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  14. Miya

    I think this may be my most favorite nursing/NB shoot ever. I love how you captured such a tranquil moment between these two. I so wish I could do a shoot like this with my babies.

    I also realized that this is the same mama that did a maternity session that I absolutely adore! I had no idea until I came across your blog 🙂 Just love your photography!

  15. Rachel Cramer

    Thought you might like to know that someone is using some of your photos as their own (they even added their own watermark) to advertise their “photography” business.


    I am a hobbyist photographer and I follow a Tumblr blog that outs people for stealing digital images. That’s how I came across your photos on this person’s Facebook and website. You can read the full blog post here.


    Once enough people harass this person, they are likely to shut down the pages. But there are screenshots of the offense on the blog post.

  16. Robert Fitch

    What fantastic shots…absolutely beautiful work!

  17. Abbie

    Gorgeous newborn lifestyle session