sam & eunice

// Engagement

little did i know that being a photographer would teach me so much about relationships.

that’s just a big part of it as anything else.

i’ve been brought into so many relationships, into the deep parts. the story. the makeup, the chemistry.

and it’s encouraging. like being surrounded by parents that have done it right. the old couple celebrating 50 years. i have taken bits and pieces, and been so in admiration of so many of you. your love and devotion. and what you reveal to me. i gain a lot from being in the midst of people who are crazy about each other.

sam and eunice are one of those couples who fit like a jigsaw puzzle. who you can almost look at see the fit. they’ve been together for quite some time now…after a start of meeting, coming out with their feelings, then her leaving the country to return to him leaving the country. she is a nurse and he will be a Dr. they share passions and speak each others language. they fit together. 

last month, S&E brought me out to virgina. my first trip back east. they had mentioned, “we’d like to shoot on campus” – what i was expecting pretty much was blown out of the water by university of virginia. pretty dang pretty. 

i love what we got.

meet jasper. their chocolate lab love child.

oh lovin’ this one.

her laugh was obviously pretty great. i love a giggly girl.

session fav.

this was basically an all day engagement session. you bring me to the east coast and I’ll shoot you all day.

super pumped to be heading back to VA for their wedding in just a few months.

  1. jill

    the BW of her running down the steps… i die

  2. Anya Elise

    I love the one of them running hand-in-hand across the frame in front of that very impressive looking building. Really beautiful work!

  3. Jenny

    love these!! i think one of my favorites is the one of her running down the stairs.

  4. Paige

    love this shoot. I’m from the Charlottesville area…I miss it! Gorgeous campus…

    question – are you using the tilt shift lens?

  5. Marisa Groff

    these are great andria! do you come to the east coast often? ever thought about doing an east coast workshop??? I suggest lancaster, PA 😉

  6. dave

    seriously beautiful captures. love the set!