rachel and rico in vegas

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oh the tangled web that gets weaved on the internets. 

so a long time ago, you’d be able to see my roommate erica and I cuddled up on the couch with tears in our eyes. watching another wedding video from Aqua Vivus.  i have never and still am not the girl who day dreams about weddings and has a secret binder of mine all planned out. but these guys, their work is just incredible (i just refrained from typing “increds” who am i?!) and we had a rule, when AV put up a new video…we HAD to tell the other and watch it. so then we found out about Studio Castillero.  omfg(osh). and since then I have continued to ooze and smooze over their work.

then whaddya know, both Aqua Vivus and Studio Castillero shot my roommates wedding. (and killed it) ….so i had the chance to meet and chat with these fine folks in the flesh.

then we became friends.

then i said, hey we’re gonna be in vegas at the same time…naturally we know what needs to happen, i need to shoot you guys.

so, after a late night out we tippy toed our way out to the sickest spot and i was all oooh ya, screaming my pants off so super pumped to shoot in the desert.

and that is the tangled wonderful web that led me to shooting rachel and rico in the gorgeous vegas desert. 

and their lives flashed before their eyes.


and whadyya know, Im out in the desert again today. visiting my family and shooting a small handful of projects down in Arizona this week. shooting the fabulous promise tangeman today and a few others coming up this week.

and PS..I’m totally wearing shorts.

  1. carleigh

    oh man. I am in LOVE with these!! ah-ma-zing!!!

  2. brittney

    ohhh they’re dreamy, arent they?

  3. abbey

    it’s so exciting to see three of the people who’s work i love the most collide and do a photoshoot like this. LOVE IT.

  4. Ashley Dru

    So much hotness, it’s almost unbearable! Love those two! And Promise! Have fun!

  5. rach

    sooooooooo. I luv you. thanks for making us look good and my hair look brushed (because we both know it had been days sheesh). I look forward to the next time I put my life in your hands….you are seriously something amazing with those photo skills! MUAH!

  6. Rachael

    Crazy how the world works. 🙂 Awesome pics, and i LOVE her tattoo!!


    so glad i intern for them :)) they are the bestttt 😀 <3

  8. Megan

    Oh man!!! These are amazing. These two are amazing. Im gonna just stare at these all day. Sound good? K. cool.

  9. Jenny

    makes me want to take a road trip to the desert!

  10. LACEY

    These are amazing, Andria! I love this session so much!

  11. J Shoda

    Hotness. You all make a rad group.

  12. nirav

    Gorgeous Andria! Love this session and glad I finally got to meet you and these two in person!!

  13. Claire Menard

    What camera did you shoot these with? Is it film?

  14. maria

    …and what a great job you did! and what a freakin’ cute couple they are. i love their photography and it’s always fun to see photographers you like in front of the lens!