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so you’re out on a boat working. in the middle of the sea, away from the world and only with who’s on board. 

and that is the recipe that brought an american and south african across each other’s paths. 

and after years of being together, being separated by continents and then together in a snowy oregon town, those who supported them were whisked up onto a mountain by snomobile to see ashley and eliot say their vows.

A&E spent the week in an amazing cabin for the week leading up to the wedding. snowboarding and getting all sorts of bumps and bruises.

trek up the mountain and to the wedding.

where guests would lay their pretty little heads post wedding.

a wedding unlike any i’ve been to. people who do what they want, what fits them. i love it.

and a big high five to alyssa for coming along this weekend and shooting by my side. some of the images above came from her eye.

  1. kristi wright

    What a kick ass wedding! I love the bride’s dress and the overall relaxed vibe of this wedding is so refreshing. Great work!

  2. abbey

    what i love about your photos andria is that you dont get done taking them, go into editing, and make them look unlike they actually were. the darkness in your photos and the shadows make me feel much more like i was actually there, not watching a recreation of what actually went down.

    so, APPLAUDS TO YOU! (and your second shooter) these were so great and fun to look at!


  3. Lacey

    What a fantastically romantic love story! And an amazing wedding, for sure.

  4. ursi

    i think this wedding fits you perfectly well. snowshoes with fairy lights? i die… cant wait cant wait cant wait…

  5. atalie thronson

    This is super gorgeous. that is all.

  6. BreezeStyling

    Amazing. I felt like I was there. I could hear the music and smell the fire burning. Great work! You captured that story so well!

  7. RF

    epic morning light is epic.

  8. Whitney

    This gave me goose bumps, Andria!

  9. Cherish

    Oh c’mon. That just makes me want to get married all over again – rogue style! I’m new to your site and have been innocently stalking it ever since:)

  10. Phil

    You keep getting better and better. I need to take lessons from you, for reals.

  11. Gabriel

    These are unreal. Like incredibly awesome unreal. These pictures are a unicorn.

  12. Kirsten

    You’re pretty good at this. You’ll go far ;)

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