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just a quick word today.

i’m trying to get oodles out the door before I head to sweden for a few weeks. for business (a wedding) and pleasure (omgilovetravel)

BUT. wanted to share.


My work was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday. that was a big BIG honor and deal to me. you can see the feature HERE and the original wedding post on my blog HERE. i couldn’t have done it without having such a stunning and amazing couple as john and jessica. muah.


2nd up to bat. today is the FALL 2011 design release for Promise Tangeman’s (SiteHouse) line of web design.

These are handcrafted designs by one of the most talented gals. They are completely customizable and affordable. and basically the furthest thing from frumpy boring websites. they are amazing.

I was amped to be have my photography featured on SiteHouse’s Fall 2011’s line, as well as their Spring line. CHECK THESE BABIES OUT. congrats to Prom on her big release day.

happy cozy fall thursday

  1. KT Barnes

    i’m gonna have to start calling you FAMOUS AMOS cause you so fancyyyy

  2. the detailed life

    Ooh! Hooray for both going to Sweden and for being featured! Two things, I’d love to experience someday too! (I’m a Carlquist 😉

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