andrew & marita: eloped

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they found each other in high school.

on japan soil.

both from military families. and now they’re a military family on their own. in florida.

she is a beam of purehearted joy.

he took her out of something she needed saving.

they were legally married a year previously so they could be together, paper married.

this year, they gathered in an open field, surrounded by only those friends closest to them. and they were married. 

an elopement.

the most intimate and of special days. you can make a wedding, a relationship, a marriage…whatever you want it to be. this is theirs. 

“It’s a corset and mermaid and a little see thru. It’s kinda sexy.” – marita, explaining her dress to us at the salon.

custom made in greece, i’m obsessed with her dress.

and a bouquet from Pikes.

facebook official. so you know it’s real.

my my my. a favorite from the day.

blessing of the hands, one of my most favorite wedding readings.

the wind steals the veil.

one of my favorite frames of all my shooting.

i’m starting to say this way to often, but i mean it every time. there is no way to fully explain my love and connection to these two. being invited along to this day was such an honor. it’d been a year since they showed up to their engagement session with a car packed for florida, a year since i started counting down the days until i would shoot their wedding.

there was nothing conventional about how they chose this day. no parents. no guests. no first dance. they made it exactly what they wanted. and it was the most incredible experience to be a part of. and remained a celebration of the fact they found each other.

and that’s what weddings are truly about. aren’t they. 

i love being a part days like this.




  1. lonniewebb

    yea sick sick sick sick sick. clean, awesome, amazing, fresh…kicking A#@ :)

  2. Amy

    I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing photographer. I just LOVE your work. Thank you for inspiring me :)

  3. Janelle

    (sigh of contentment) she’s so incredibly gorgeous, the pics are so incredibly beautiful, YOU are so incredibly incredible :-)

  4. Anna

    Andria you are getting better and better. Amazing!!!

  5. KT Barnes

    hands down, the best you’ve ever done. each frame had me catching my breath.

  6. K Radloff

    Just beautiful!

  7. Debie Radloff

    Andria, Thank you for capturing the love with your remarkably beautiful photographs.

  8. Marita

    I can’t stop looking. We owe you so much Andria. These are more than anything we had imagined. Thank you!!!!

  9. Liz Denfeld

    Wow, Andria. Sometimes I wonder how you can get better and then every blog post you show you do just that. You rock, lady!!! So many awesome photos in this post don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just say it again: WOW.

  10. Marita Brooks

    “I know I love you like the silvered gold of dying days, I know I love you like an ancient history brought to life, I know I love you like the sunlit water on your skin, I know I love you like the million times I never said. I know you love me like the silence of the turning earth, I know you love me like the endless room of modern life, I know you love me like the laughter and the kissed back tears, I know you love me like the past, the now, the coming years.” Snow Patrol
    Just like that. It feels like yesterday when I held you as a tiny baby with the most clear, gorgeous blue eyes. Now you are married. I remember a day a very long time ago when you came home following a day at school, and you said to me that you had met the guy you were going to marry. And you did. Now you have Andrew. A young man who calls you beautiful, who calls you back when you hang up on him, a guy who writes amazing, heartfelt passages in his cards, a guy who thinks you are just as pretty without any makeup on, because you are. A guy who helped ease your pain when you were broken, when no one else could. A guy I am so thankful for to have in our family. I love you both.
    Andrea, Marita and I searched and searched for a photographer that was just right. And then we found you. Your pictures were exquisite, but more they had soul, you captured people, feelings, emotions, made time stand still. Thank you for capturing Marita and Andrew’s love on film.

  11. catherine

    AMAZING!! So gorgeous :) Where in the heck did she get that dress!!!!!?

  12. Tonhya Kae

    Absolutely amazing Andria. I’m so very proud of you : )

  13. lydia {ever ours}

    you made me cry! i love this post, andria. just so very very beautiful. i want to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere.

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