wedding: john & jessica

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there is nothing ordinary about these two.

individually, they are exceptional people.

together, they are an extraordinary couple.

there will be nothing ordinary about their marriage and their impact on those around them.

he cried at the sight of her, and she was filled with sweet joy. the entire day was a dream.

please stop. take her in.

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i am at a loss on how to describe these two. their hearts and the passion they have for each other.

a day like this impacts me. people like this impact me and i will never forget being able to witness a day like theirs.

aside that these two are much more than clients and have completely turned into dear friends, i cannot tell you how much it means for their appreciation for photography and how important it was so set aside time to let me do what i do. and lots of it. I’m not going to be shy about it, when a couple does that…I absolutely see how it positively impacts their coverage.  thank you for trusting me the way you did…

congrats to john & jess. see you tonight. :)


BIG thanks to my wingman, Jeramie Shoda, for coming along this day. some of the rad shots above, are his.

the wonderful Alec Cattarin  shot their video and will be up  on his site shortly.

There are WAY more photos to show. Go to my FACEBOOK PAGE for their whole gallery.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Sorella Salon & Spa (This is a sister team and THEY DONT MESS AROUND. as you can tell, they do a kick a$$ job. best wedding hair/makeup i’ve ever seen)

DRESS: Monique Lhuillier

SUIT: Hugo Boss

VENUE: Women’s University Club 


  1. Jessica

    I am at a loss for words. Thank you times a billion.

  2. jill

    andria, wow. you have a gift- these are breathtaking. i couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. well done :)

  3. Heather McAllister

    Oh my gosh! This photo shoot is so breathtaking!! what a beautiful bride and groom!

  4. Kelsey

    Unreal, Andria. These are phenomenal.

  5. Tonhya Kae

    Dang, she is GOOORGEOUS. Great job my little andi-pandi, you did an amazing job!

  6. sizzle

    You can just feel the joy bounding off these. Her huge smile. His tears upon seeing her. LOVE.

  7. John Jung

    HEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Thank you times a trillion

  8. Carlee M

    These photos are amazing!! Your work is always so breathtaking!!

  9. Kim A

    this is AMAZING! the bride is absolutely stunning!

  10. Session Nine

    The ones with them in the pillar light. BOOM. Like butter on a hot roll. ~Jay

  11. Gabriel

    The shot of her sitting showing her shoes. What What WHat!? Amazing

  12. Angie W

    Sooo beautiful. both of you. gorgeous. amazing. you will make incredible kids. love you guys!

  13. Nicole

    I am a complete stranger that wondered upon this post on Facebook but WOW! Jess that smile will silence a room. You two look so fun and amazing! Wishing you the best in happiness, love and appreciation!

  14. Ashley

    That one of her sitting on the bed is such a timeless photo. Her and her family are going to admire it forever.

  15. Michael

    Hey there Andria!
    My buddy Carl sent me this to see. His co-worker was the guy in this wedding who got married I think. Just wanted to say I loved this set, great job! What a gorgeous girl, dress, and good looking couple. =)

  16. RF

    those 4 frames with the black fj cruiser … gnarly.

  17. Tracy

    Your incredible photography of these beautiful strangers brought me to tears. Fabulous combination of your artistic ability and lovely people.

  18. Julia Manchik

    So many good ones. We’ve shot at UW so often and sometimes its hard to get excited about it, but you got some really neat shots there! Love how you used the architecture in the background.

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