engagement: alex & marie

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these two get married this weekend.

alex and marie. them meeting has taken ‘em through their college years, and after, and now ready for a shared life together.

it’s hard for me to accurately explain my connection and attachment to those who find me. it’s not just a job. they are not just a wedding. they often don’t know, by hiring me for their wedding, they’re allowing me to do what i was created to do. maybe i can show you, bring you back to the emotion when i met these two. 

i came home after a long meeting with marie and alex and wrote this.  i totally forgot about that i had written that post until i shot with them on this rainy e-session day. and i remembered just how 2 hours spent with them had impacted me.

so these pictures and shooting their wedding isn’t just an image or a day spent working. it’s so much more. and how i can walk in strangers and how 2 quick hours, i leave totally different. it’s exactly what i want what i do to be about. those who find me, allow me to do just what i was created to do and that is invaluable. 

we may have almost been killed for this shot. but whatever, once i make up my mind i want it…we’re gonna get it. and they were sports.

see you soon, you two.

  1. Janelle

    Lovely! Can’t wait to see their wedding pics – have fun!

  2. Hilary Glass

    I worked with Marie and I have to say that you captured her here. The photos are beautiful and you really captured the joy they have! love love love it!

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