engagement: jamie and derek

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“Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice.”

relinquishing even one of your own desires for something bigger and more precious is one of the most admirable aspects in a relationship. as much as one can aspire to succeed or become the person they aim to be, there is still another half, another person, that must be considered just as quickly. when you find and commit yourself to someone, it’s also to the desires of their heart, their aspirations.

jamie and derek spend the time leading up to their wedding being states and states away from each other. she, here in seattle. he, in the air force down in texas.

I never wanted to be the girl that fell in love with someone in the military and all that comes with it.

but sacrifice takes on a sweeter meaning when it’s for someone you love and you find yourself doing things you’d never expected.


derek was a goof to shoot. love her reactions to his antics.

oh dang, wait right there.

oh my lord was i freaking out of my mind on this shoot. sure, it may have been bone chilling cold and the wind could have taken a tent off the ground, but it’s all in the name of art and for a good picture. the air force is a huge part of these two’s relationship and the dynamics of it, so it was so so special to be able to include such a personal idea to who they are.

thanks to jamie for enduring the cold and to derek for breaking the rules for me and crossing that yellow line on the air field. apparently “rule keeping’ is a quality held dear in the military.

i’ll be shooting these two’s wedding on new years eve in leavenworth. so you can just forego sending me your party invites, i’ll be ringing in the new year with these two.


Makeup: Cortney Weedman

Hair: Andria Lindquist

Styling: US Air Force.  :)

  1. carina

    Oooooo that fifth one down is lovely. Always love starting my day with my bookmark “AL Blog” :) Beautiful

  2. Heather

    This may be my favorite of all your shoots so far!!! Really, truly love these!

  3. Tanya

    these pictures are beautiful! the location, clothes, camera shots…perfect love the make-up cortney!!

  4. Tanya

    these pictures are beautiful! the location, clothes, camera shots…perfect!

    p.s. love the make-up cortney! :)

  5. Marita

    I’m dying over these! You captured their spirits and the dynamics of their relationship so perfectly. They are my favorite couple of all time and I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve!!!

  6. sizzle

    Your engagement sessions make me want to be engaged!

    Spectacular shots- love the retro vibe and the deeper symbolism for the couple.

  7. //Dani

    Just adoooorable!! Love her style, the colours. They are simply beautiful!

  8. Arlene Van De Wege

    What great pics! But then what great material to work with!! Jamie is gorgeous! And Derek the stud! :) What a fun idea to include the plane and make the pictures so personal.

  9. Mary Beth

    Tip top. Love it, love the uniform, nice. What lens did you use here?

  10. Mackenzie

    Wow. Andrea this is one of my all time favorite shoots of yours. Absolutely incredible… Love everything about this couple, the location, your heart for them, and these pictures. Amazing job!!!

  11. jeff marsh

    how the frick did i miss this post. you win. every time.

  12. jami

    One of my most favorite photo shoots I’ve viewed this summer. An amazing job well done~

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