a love story

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they are the moments no one will ever get to see.

tucked away, inside those walls. no people to watch. no one to observe.

and in as much as all the others mean…it really just comes back to one.

there is no question.

there is something in the secrets. but nothing secretive at all.

there is something that can’t be explained, and you dont have to.

perfectly happy with just their presence.

there is a pull that always wins.

she can’t cook and he can’t play, but it just makes sense.

tucked away, inside those walls. no people to watch. no one to observe.

it’s their every day love story.

I had this vision spark from an image i saw and it turned out exactly as i’d imagined. this is so many’s story. love, raw and satisfied just in the simple presence of the other.


Dean Sherry of TCM.

Jennie Musolf – unrepresented

  1. Brooke

    I swear the most beautiful people find you. Gorgeous shots.

  2. Kayla Cline

    Andria I love this one! you would be SO good at doing an editorial/story shoot for a magazine! I could easly see this shoot being published along with a dating/romance article or Cosmo or something lol. LOVE IT

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  4. Tonhya Kae


  5. ryan flynn

    good stuff, friend. really like the ones of her in the chair.

  6. Jessica Underwood

    Andria this shoot is amazing..I am in love with it! I am so excited to shoot out engagement session with you soon!

  7. Ashleigh

    Andi- this is my favorite shoot I think you have EVER done!! It’s spectacular! This couple looks like everyones dream. Beautiful. :)

  8. Jeff marsh

    Never seen anything like it. Incredible.

  9. yassef selman

    Me encantaron las fotos, bien naturales e intimas, la edicion excelente, gran trabajo!! saludos :)

  10. Chris Manning (@chrismanning)

    I don’t know if you wrote the poem at the beginning of this post, but it’s definitely embodied in these portraits. You definitely have a unique photographic voice, and it’s beautiful. Vous êtes un maître!

  11. Matthew Long

    browsing your work again and came across this little gem. wow, wow and wow. these two have to be the sexiest coolest couple on the planet. and do all your clients have the most amazing well lit rooms? awesome, you flipping rock!

  12. Amanda Tipton

    I don’t think it gets any better then this…I enjoy your work so much it’s ridiculous….

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