Family Session: Andersens

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ahh family photos. the sound of it typically makes people cringe. for the family or at least one member, and for the photographer. can i say that? ha. too bad i like doing them when i DO do them because i do them my way and the families that have approached me are super fun in the first place. so its a good mix. well well well today you get to meet the Andersens. they remind me of the saying ‘keeping up with the jones’… with a family of FOUR girls and one dad, and those four ladies being dressed to the nines every day of the week along with their uber quirky fun personalities, it’s probably a little hectic in their house. well, there’s another man around now, Matt, and his wicked outgoing self balances out the male/female personality dominating. you’ll see. just wait for his pics.

the first person i knew in this group was Matt actually. but then again i only knew of him and it was only for a blip of time way back when…when was that? sometime around March Madness. I remember being super into basketball when i found out who he was. :) (ok, sorry…loaded inside joke there.) ANYWAY. he is a charming lad and super fun. you may recognize Whitney. or you may not, as the last time i was showin’ her off, she was in lingerie. ya, thats right…she’s one of my boudoir girls. and a damn fine one too. well, she showed up with more clothes this time. also joined by her sisters: bethany and brooke. Bethany graduated ahead of me at SPU and is kind of like a sparkly zipper on a great dress. attracts attention. pretty. makes a lot of noise. was that a cool analogy or what?! And Brooke. I’m actually not going to formally introduce her to you just yet. maybe. just maybe thats because she’s flying up to shoot with me for a lifestyle something or other and I’ll get to tell you ALL about her then. but she’s fly.

We all packed in their navigator and went out to to their fabulous Aldarra counrty club in Fall City. I love when I get to go out and shoot somewhere totally new and different. This place was rockin and beautiful and had lots of green and pretty little spots to shoot. i particularly liked shooting with this family because we all feel like we know eachother sooo well. you see, all these pretty little faces live and breathe on Twitter, FB and blogs. its great. one of those things that is slowly becoming ok to say and admit. yep, that’s right at any given time we all know what eachother is doing…because of Twitter? haha. i love it. anyway. i loved my time with this family and watching them interact. beside the fact that i was sweating do death on a grey cloudy day. i swear, i need to shoot in my bathing suit. that would take care of my heat levels. might not be good for my professionalism though. drat.

take a peek. here they are: tom. kristi. (by the way, isn’t she a beautiful mother?) whitney. matt. bethany. brooke. we rounded out our evening around a large table with margaritas in hand. scratch that, i had a beer. ahh refreshing. i love being friends with my clients and i love getting to pend time with them in their real life. get to know them as real people. i’ll be putting up some fun photos from the round table time next. OH BUT FIRST.


but first. TOMORROW. I have something totally fantastic to tell you about. Possibly one of the TOP 5 things I’ve ever gotten to do and tell through everything i’ve done with photography. if you pick a day to read, let it be tomorrow. yesssssss.


  1. Quinn

    love the colors they chose! & especially love the family shot on the green where she’s holding her shoes! too cute. beautiful family

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