Children's Session: Tia, Knight & Titan

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first off, I would like to take this time to say hellllllo bomb names. love all three of these kids’ names and their little personalities too. today you get to meet three little hooligans who are the apple of their parents eye. i’ve known this family at an arms-length distance at my church. well, i am so happy that we got to spend some time together – shooting and playing and yelling. a LOT. Their wonderful mother Nancy set up this session – which was their first time getting pictures together. now that they have a nice odd number of 3, i think it’s due time to capture their little kiddos. we set out to gasworks on a [hot] and sunny day – to which i made the horrible mistake of wearing jeans – and spent a few hours together roaming the grass and racing the hills. yes they beat me.

i love when moms tell me they don’t think their kids will be able to make it the full two hour portrait session. well well well. yes, they may not make it 2 hours at Sears (that sounds horrible) but we run things a little different at the andi camp. and its all fun and games. i seriously love kids and its so fun and refreshing to play around with them in these sessions. i have a big family and we aren’t the quiet type. or the slow, lazy type. so typically when im shooting with kids, i’m just one of them. i don’t tell them to sit still. i dont tell them to put their hands on their laps. i basically let them run wild, race, scream, laugh and play. our time goes by in a blink of an eye and i get really sweaty.

so i dont think i knew what i was in for once i basically gave the reigns over to Tia [and knight].  titan, not so much. they had me running all over the place. my favorite was the individual time i had with tia. OMG. i spoke very gently and told her i wanted to think of a beautiful princess, to be quiet and lovely. wait til you see her. so. stinkin. cute. 

so without further wording. breathe in this gust of fresh air. i hope you can feel the energy. excitement. fervor these kids have for life. :) thank you brad and nancy for thinking of me when capturing your kiddos.

 Seriously. I can’t get enough of them and i just love their beautiful color of skin. awesome day. great family. win! tomorrow i have yet another wonderful story and someone to show. SHE is fabulous. see you then.

  1. KT Barnes

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST andi….ahhhh, you keep getting better. made “my” babies look so precious and full of life.

  2. Brooke

    First, I love the new look of the new blog! And the size of your photos – wow!
    Second, how about that cowlick that little munchkin is rockin’?! Beautiful set of kiddos.

  3. Tracy

    I love your new blog and of course, all your pictures. I know firsthand how blessed all your subjects (and their parents) feel to have you capture them. Fantastic work!!

  4. Nancy

    Wow – Amazing – Fabulous!
    Thank you Andria for capturing them in so many ways. As moms, we think we’ll never forget that look, smile, glance they give us, but we ARE moms, so there is a very good chance we will. Now I have them forever. Beautiful. Thank you.

  5. ALi

    you will photograph my children’s feet just like you did in this shoot…i LOVE it!

  6. Andria

    I’m so glad you like these little ones KT and Nancy…they’re yours, so it works out nicely. :)

    brooke, tracy and ali….THANK YOU and yes, Ali I will shoot every big event in your life. we can already have that worked out. :) tracy…wait til friday. :)

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